Ecuador court orders release of Swede linked to Assange

QUITO, An Ecuador court ordered the release

Thursday of a Swedish national with ties to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

and who was accused of computer hacking, as his detention was deemed


Ola Bini had been arrested while trying to travel to Japan April 11, the

same day Ecuador rescinded Assange's sevenyear claim to asylum in their

London embassy.

There was effectively a violation to (Bini's) right to freedom, and his

detention was illegitimate and arbitrary, judge Patricio Vaca said in his

ruling, ordering his immediate release.

The court will require Bini to periodically appear before authorities and

banned him from leaving the country as investigations continue on his alleged

hacking attacks.

I am out of prison tomorrow, but I am not free as long this illegitimate

investigation is going on, Bini said, and his lawyers insisted the entire

case against him was baseless.

Ecuador has linked Bini to WikiLeaks's Assange � a damaging charge, as

Quito has declared that any person close to the Australian was therefore

involved in a plot to destabilize President Lenin Moreno.

Assange's case, which has upset defenders of press freedoms and human

rights, revolves around WikiLeaks publishing thousands of classified military

and diplomatic documents in 2010.

He is currently spending a year in prison in Britain for violating bail

when he fled to the Ecuadoran embassy in 2012 to avoid sexual assault

accusations in Sweden.

And Assange could face 175 years in prison under US charges of violating

the Espionage Act. An extradition hearing is set for February.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)