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Easy Skin Care Tips For Men

Skincare has often been misinterpreted as a staple to women and only optional for men, but the stigma behind masculinity versus skin health has been a slippery slope that has resulted in many men suffering from severe acne and blemishes. Cleansing, moisturizing, and shaving are all critical components to good skin maintenance. Here are a few easy skincare tips for men.

Simple Skincare Tips for Men


Cleaning, toning, and moisturizing (CTM) is an essential part of skincare and it does not only apply to women. Cleansing is a form of sanitation that reduces the emergence of whiteheads, blackheads, and acne. Soap is the optimal choice for cleanliness on the side but removes oil completely which initially seems like a good thing. Unfortunately, despite natural oil has the capacity to store dirt and contribute to acne outbreaks, they also serve as a natural moisturizing agent that keeps the skin healthy during the day. Cleansers serve as a solution to this issue, allowing the skin to breathe while being an elixir that tackles dirty skin and dead cells.


Always Exfoliate

A compliment to CTM, when the skin is exposed to bacteria, UV rays, and other harmful substances, it is inevitable that dead cells will add up. Scrubbing is important so that the pores on your skin do not accumulate too much dirt. Creams and gels are commonly found that can assist during each daily scrub. In doing so, not only will you get rid of the dirt that can lead to acne breakouts, but it will smoothen your shaving experience overall.


Moisturizing doubles as sun protection along with general hydration to ensure that the skin avoids dryness. Normally, extensive exposure to sun, pollutants, and dirt will result in dryness and damage. After a shower in the evening, moisturizer is not necessary as the skin has a low chance of getting dry at lower temperatures. Just in case, a lightweight moisturizer is still allowed, as it hydrates the skin just enough to stay healthy.

Skin Care Adult Men

Shower With Warm water

The skin produces many different types of natural oil that seeps into the pores that can cause bacteria accumulation, leading to eventual acne. Bathing in warm water is a good habit to keep the skin moist and to remove the oil. Note that having a hot shower will do more damage than good as it will dry out the skin even more. Ideally, bathing in warm water between five to seven minutes can make a huge difference in your skin’s vitality.

Shaving Smoothly

If shaving goes sideways, stubbles can be the root cause of skin irritation and damage follicles. Dry skin, scarring, and skin irritation are some of the effects if there is too much friction between the shaver and the skin. One of the best ways to deal with this is to shave with warm water to dampen the skin enough for the blade to cut cleanly with less friction.

Moisturizing shaving cream will do wonders and catalyze the process for healthier skin. Be sure to avoid oils, glycerin, and sorbitol when shaving to ensure that your skin has the right amount of moisture before each session.

No Need For Aftershave

Aftershave was the solution for straight razors when they were the only option in the early days. Cuts were far more likely and the use of aftershave was to reduce the chances of infections with its alcohol-based content. With so many safer options in the razor market now, aftershave is not only more redundant than it ever has been, but it may indirectly harm the skin too.

Men's Skincare Tips Natural

Alcohol-based content has a reputation for drying up the skin quicker, which is where moisturizing shaving cream comes in. With solutions that do the job of ensuring the safety of shaving and being moisturizers at the same time, aftershave has become a thing of the past.

Wipe Your Face The Right Way

Surprisingly, even a task as simple as wiping your face can have negative effects if done incorrectly. When wiping the face with a straight motion, there is a good chance that the skin is irritated while being dried. Much like using soap instead of cleansers, wiping is a good way to dry the skin but it does the job a little too well. With pats, the face can remain just moist enough for the skin to remain hydrated and not


So far, we have discussed some easy-to-follow skincare steps for adult men. Skin is one of the most priceless parts of the human body. Healthy skin can not only give a person confidence; but also make him look fresh and tidy. Unlike women, men often tend to ignore taking care of their skins due to lack of time, lack of consciousness, shyness, carelessness, etc. Continuous ignorance can leave long-lasting or irreversible damage to the skin. So, to own healthy skin, every man should be careful about carrying out the minimal skincare procedure on a regular basis.

Source: United News of Bangladesh