DSE, CSE to follow banking sector’s lead in operating during lockdown

The capital markets will follow the banking sector's lead in operation during the pandemic of Covid-19.

This was informed by the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) against the backdrop of different rumors since news broke of the lockdown to be imposed by the government from Monday next.

A notice posted on the official website of the BSEC said: "Capital market will continue operation at the interest of investors in any situation during the pandemic of Covid-19 if the banking activities continue." It said all transactions in the capital market will continue in the interest of investors.

It urged the investors to pay no heed to any sort of rumors.

According to BSEC sources, if the bank is open in lockdown, the capital market will also be open. This instruction has been given to two stock exchanges (Dhaka and Chittagong).

They said, the commission has instructed DSE to keep the capital market open if banks are open. The capital market will operate utilising smaller shifts and work-from-home facilities.

Earlier, from March 26 to May 31 last year, transactions in the capital market were closed due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Source: United News of Bangladesh