Don’t believe rumors about new textbooks: Dipu Moni

Education minister Dr. Dipu Moni on Saturday urged the people of the country not to pay heed to any rumors over content of NCTB textbooks, stating no book said humans evolved from monkeys.

“Rather, the textbook stated that humans did not evolve from monkeys. Do not listen to misinformation spread by a vested quarter," she said.

The minister made the remarks while inaugurating three schools of BRAC beside Dakatia river at Chandpur.

She stated that the illustration of monkeys was used in the textbook to demonstrate that humans did not evolve from them.

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"It was mentioned three times in the books that monkeys are not the ancestors of humans," she explained.

The minister also urged people to read the books for fact-checking.

She also stated that the textbook contains no derogatory remarks about Islam.

Source: United News of Bangladesh