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Dhaka condemns Drone attacks targeting KSA, Abha Int’l Airport by Houthi rebels

Bangladesh has strongly condemned the drone attacks targeting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA) and Abha International Airport, in southern Saudi Arabia, by the Houthi rebels.

The first attack on February 10 hit a parked commercial aircraft causing damage and the second attack on February 17 however, was intercepted and destroyed by the Joint Coalition Forces before hitting targets.

These unprovoked acts by the Houthi rebels undermine the peace and security in the region, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday.

Bangladesh called for immediate cessation of such attacks and reiterates solidarity with the brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the face of such aggression.

Bangladesh expressed its full support to the Kingdom against any threat to its security and territorial integrity and in their efforts to bring about lasting peace and stability in the region.

Source: United News of Bangladesh