Demands of Walton freezer go up for optimized insulation thickness

Demands for Walton brand freezers are increasing sharply among customers for the use of optimized level of insulation thickness. The standard insulation thickness in the local brand freezer is resulted in raising the product's durability, cooling as well as energy saving efficiency.

According to engineers, a freezer's important factors such as refrigeration or cooling efficiency, energy consumption and durability have been largely depended on its insulation thickness. If the thickness is up to the standard level, customers will get long-term services from that. Also, it takes less time for the refrigerator to cool down, resulting in lower electricity consumption. Moreover, the freezer stays cool for a long time even when there is no electricity, said a press release.

Engineer Tofail Ahmed, operative director of Fridge Design Department of Walton, noted that insulation thickness level of a freezer in the context of Bangladesh should be at least 68 millimeter (mm) that is considered as the most effective level. If the thickness is below that level, the longevity of the freezer will be less as well as power consumption will be high.

Engineer Golam Murshed, chief executive officer of Walton Refrigerator, said that Walton as a Bangladeshi brand is strongly committed to manufacture and deliver energy efficient and highly durable products at reasonable prices.

Thus they are using minimum 68 mm insulation thickness in their produced freezers to ensure longevity and best performance, he said adding that as a result, Walton freezers take less time to cool even when the inside load is high.

Uses of copper condenser as well as higher co-efficiency performance (COP) compressors in Walton freezer are resulted in saving huge electricity and keeping the appliance active even when the voltage is low, Murshed noted.

Tapash Kumar Mazumder, head of Fridge Research and Development Department of Walton, informed that each and every Walton refrigerator and freezer is being released in the market after getting quality certificate from the international standard Nusdat-Universal Testing Lab. Walton brand products have received several standard certifications at national and international level, including BSTI's 'Five Star' energy rating, ISO, OHSAS, EMC, CB, ROHS, SASO, ESMA, ECHA, G-Mark and E-Mark. Recently Walton refrigerator has been honoured with the 'Best Brand Award-2019' for the 6th-time. These 'Made in Bangladesh' refrigerators and freezers are being exported to different countries as well.

Shahiduzzaman Rana, additional director of Walton Fridge Department, said that Walton has been manufacturing and supplying 11 models of freezers with various capacities, ranging from 146 to 300 liters, between Tk 19,650 and Tk 30,900.

Now, customers are offered 200 percent cash vouchers or sure cash back on the purchase of Walton refrigerators and freezers under the local brand's nationwide Digital Campaign Season-5.

Walton has more than 17K outlets across the country, from where the customers can buy about 150 models of frost and non-frost refrigerators, freezers and beverage coolers within the prices of Tk 10,000 to Tk 69,900.

Walton is offering one-year replacement guaranty and also 12 years guaranty on compressors to the fridge customers. There are 73 service points across the country for fastest and best after-sales service.

Source: United News of Bangladesh