Delicious Homemade Dessert Ideas for Eid and Other Celebrations

Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the major religious festivals of Muslims around the world. Eid comes after a month of fasting in Ramadan, so there is an added joy in everyone. After a month of fasting, Muslims tend to eat something delicious on Eid. On this occasion, a variety of dishes are prepared for the family and guests. The Internet allows us to look into the food and lifestyle of many different nations, therefore the Eid menu has become more diverse in recent years. With that in mind, let's take a look at some scrumptious homemade dessert Ideas for Eid-ul-Fitr and other celebrations.

Tasty dessert items for Eid-ul-Fitr

People in the South Asian region eat a variety of foods that are distinct from those in the West. Lots of sugar used to make dessert items in this part of the world. On the other hand, western desserts are more diverse, but they use less sugar in cooking. The desserts mentioned here are pretty common among the sub-continent people and are served at any festival.

1) Phirni

Phirni is a common dessert for every occasion in the subcontinent. Serving tasty Phirni at the end of the main course has become a tradition. This item has always in high demand because it's easier to make in comparison to other popular desserts in the region. Phirni is made with flour, cardamom, saffron, rose water, pistachios, almonds, and other ingredients. This will be one of the pleasant desserts in Eid 2021 if you can innovate with the old recipe.

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2) Shemai

Shemai is another common dessert in this part of the world. Shemai comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, lachcha shemai is a common Eid dessert.These red and white shemai are extremely common among the common people. Butter, vermicelli, milk, whipped cream, raisins, sugar, and almonds are used to make Shemai.

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3) Rasamalai

Rasamalai is made with sweet milk and sugar-coated cinnamon. The majority of people in the subcontinent are familiar with rasamalai, and almost all enjoy sweets and juices.Rasamalai is available at every sweet shop in this part of the world and now anyone can make rasmalai at home. If you want to enjoy something juicy in Eid dessert, rasmalai can be the most ideal item.

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4) Golapjamun

Golapjamun is one of the best sweets. It is very popular among the general public since it is enjoyable to eat. Because of its pink color it also called rosejam. It is also very beautiful to look at and can be found in any sweet shop. But now many people are learning to make golapjamun at home. So this Eid, golapjamun can be a great sweets item.

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5) Sandesh

Sandesh is a dessert that will appeal to anyone who enjoys sweets. Sandesh is a popular dessert with a variety of flavors available on the market. Sandesh is a milk-based dessert that comes in many different shapes. Now that it can be made at home, sandesh will be at the top of the list of many people's favorite dessert items for this Eid.

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6) Caramel Custard (egg pudding)

Another common dessert is pudding. Since pudding is so delicious to eat, it's common to see it at any social gathering. This could be one of the prime Eid items. Puddings can come in a variety of sizes, and the biggest ingredient is eggs. Besides, milk, sugar, vanilla, caramel, etc. are also needed to make this tasty dessert.

7) Burfi

Burfi is another traditional dessert. This dessert is usually prepared on the night of Shab-e-Qadr, just a few days before Eid. But, in the midst of other heavy Eid cuisine, such a light dessert can stand out. Burfi comes in a variety of flavors, each with its own distinct flavor.Burfi is made of coconut, almonds, milk, and cream in most cases. It's a fantastic dessert to serve to guests.

Bottom Line

You can easily cook your favorite dish from above mentioned delicious homemade dessert Ideas for Eid and other celebrations. Eid brings joy to people, enhances social sympathy, and eliminates the disparity between the wealthy and the poor. We must remember that the main objective of fasting is to experience the discomfort of not eating for an extended period of time and to purify oneself.

Therefore, on Eid, efforts should be made to spread happiness with the disadvantaged and miserable people in society, including family and relatives. Besides that, now is the right time to be generous because people are suffering from the effects of the pandemic coronavirus.

Source: United News of Bangladesh