DAS sees huge crowd thanks to the festivities of February 14

Pahela Falgun usually falls on February 13 but this year it coincided with Valentine's Day as Bangla Academy revised Bangla Calendar to match it with the Gregorian calendar and cultural attractions like the ongoing Dhaka Art Summit (DAS) - 2020 draws a large number of visitors, as a result.

As both the festivities coincided on Friday, the weekly holiday, people from all over the city joined the summit to explore the artistic extravaganza.

We are regularly welcoming a huge number of art-enthusiasts and admirers in our DAS-2020, however it has been very exceptional today. People from all ages and classes have been visiting the summit since early morning, enjoying both the festivities and the holiday altogether- Prema, one of the Art Mediators in this year's summit, spoke about the massive attendance.

Due to the huge crowd presence on the road towards Ramna Park and Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy where the Summit is taking place, vehicles stood for hours in traffic jam and the summit-goers even had to walk a long distance to join the summit.

The art-lovers, however, did not face discomfort they suffered on the road, over celebrating the occasion with their beloved.

To enthrall the visitors, the summit authority offers a number of options for recreation- including regular cultural shows on every evening at BSA ground, a manual whirligig ride for kids and adults and a huge food court containing branded stalls.

The traffic on the road is terrific, but after entering the summit and exploring all the extravagant festivities here, now it feels like we have successfully utilised our first Falgun and Valentine's Day after our marriage - Prottoy and Dola, a newlywed couple expressed their joy after visiting the summit.

Both Pahela Falgun and Valentine's Day had been full of colours and jovially festive in the capital for years- and the extravaganza of the art biennale called DAS leveled up the celebration in 2020, engaging people from all ages.

Source: United News of Bangladesh