Dairy farm makes Logy Begum self-reliant

DHAKA, June 4, 2017 (BSS)- Only a decade ago, Logy Begum experienced hardship in running her family. There was no income of her jobless husband. Her elderly father had to hold the steering to run the family. Their family was run with a great difficulty that put Logy Begum at embarrassing situation frequently.

She used to try for finding out a solution to make herself self-reliant, and once upon a time, she became successful. Logy Begum's bad days are now over and she doesn't need to look back.

The lifestyle of Logy Begum has changed in only 10 years. The poverty in her family chased her to make self-reliant, and her that strides have been successful. Now she is no longer a burden for her father's family. Logy Begum is now an enlightened and self-reliant woman and is a name of inspiration in the society.

The success story of Logy Begum's life is exceptional. She first bought a cow which changed the wheels of her fortune and showed the path of success. She became an owner of a number of cows from a single cow. She is now a complete owner of a dairy farm.

Once upon a time, Logy Begum couldn't purchase milk for want of money. But now she doesn't need to think about any thing of her family. Logy Begum is now not only a successful daily farmer, she is also a unique example of self-reliant woman.

The successful dairy farmer Logy Begum is a daughter of late Abdur Razzak of Nurpur area under Dadashi union under Sadar upazila in Rajbari district.

While talking to this correspondent, Logy Begum recounted her struggle and success of her life.

Logy Begum, who is the eldest among her brothers and sisters, didn't get any scope for pursuing study. She got married at the age of only 16. As her husband was a student during their marriage, she had to completely depend on her father.

As many days have passed, the problem of the family intensified to that extent. Logy Begum envisaged rearing cow from the thought of eliminating poverty of the family. It started from that time and then she didn't need to look back.

Logy Begum said she had to approach to many people for milk after the birth of her first child. "Nobody wanted to give milk to me in arear and for many days, I was compelled to feed my child rice starch instead of milk," she recalled.

Logy Begum first bought a cow by taking Taka 10,000 loan from an NGO in 2016. She sold the cow after rearing it for some days. She also sold a calf of the cow and later purchased an improved variety foreign cow at Tk 85,000.

She bought three more cows within few days. The number of cows in her dairy farm has now stood at 23 and of them, nine are giving milk.

Logy Begum said she is now getting 60-65 litres of milk every day that has kept her family well. She now wanted to expand her farm and for this, she needs government patronization.

Logy Begum said she along with her husband clear the house of cows. There is no malodour in her farm as adequate light and air exist there. Besides they feed the cows thrice every day and take regular advices from the district livestock department officials for their treatment.

"For any need, we get the district livestock department officials beside us, and we also get vaccines," she said.

Logy Begum said she received necessary training for becoming a dairy farmer.

District Livestock Officer Dr Ganesh Chandra Mandal said Logy Begum is a successful dairy farmer to be followed. The environment of her dairy farm is very good and she has been continuously successful for taking care of cows properly.

"When and whatever assistances Logy Begum sought from us we tried our best to provide those," Dr Mandal said.

Logy Begum was not stopped at the dairy farm. She established a biogas plant and produced vermicompost fertilizer from cow dung.

She uses most of vermicompost fertilizers in her cropland and sells the remaining to other farmers.

Logy Begum said hardship has vanished from her family thanks to setting up of the dairy farm and neighbors came forward to establishing dairy farms after seeing changing her fate.

She said not only at her family, this success has made her as a responsible woman. Now her opinion and role get importance in various fields among the family, society and relatives.

Logy Begum was not only financially benefitted from her dairy farm, she also got the national recognition of her struggle and hardship. As a successful dairy farmer, she received the Bangabandhu National Award and the District Joyeeta Award.

Logy Begum's husband Shahidul Islam said his wife is the main entrepreneur of this dairy farm. "This dairy farm is the outcome of the initiatives and endless labour of my wife," he said.

Their neighbour Rafiqul Islam said Logy Begum launched her dairy farm with small scale. But at present, there are 23 cows in her farm.

Being inspired in Logy Begum's success, many people of the village have set up dairy farms, Rafiqul said, adding he himself also established such a farm.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)