Daikin launches ACs with Japanese technology for Bangladesh

Daikin, a Japanese multinational air conditioning manufacturing company, on Thursday launched a host of Inverter & Non-Inverter split air conditioning units for Bangladesh market making a partnership with Transcom Electronics Ltd.

The leading global Air Conditioning (AC) brand launched a total of nine models, targeted for each consumer segment, through a programme at a city hotel.

Daikin has partnered with Transcom Electronics Ltd in Bangladesh to grow and serve the Room Airconditioners business.

Daikin products, using HFC32 bear only one-third of the global warming potential (GWP) when compared with R410A & R22 refrigerants.

Speaking at the programme, Daikin Vice President Manoj Agarwal said as responsible Japanese AC leaders, they are aware that rampant use of refrigerants have so far contributed to extreme weather patterns causing destruction of crops & property, massive flooding followed by draughts, etc.

“So, HFC32 is the only solution to protect our future. Daikin AC’s with Japanese Technology is finding a huge acceptance amongst Bangladesh consumers & we are in the process of increasing our product range going forward during 2021-22,” he said.

Agarwal said the new range of split air conditioners from Daikin offers a host of features that aid in creating an ambient cooling environment for a comfortable experience. “The new range of ACs also boasts of new designs matching the local aesthetics in addition to a giving an unparalleled performance.”

Transcom Electronics’ director (Operations) Yeamin Sharif Chowdhury said when it comes to air conditioning, Daikin ACs powered by Japanese Technology have become premium, reliable, and one of the most sought after names across the Bangladesh market.

“Daikin is doing everything to provide a premium air-conditioning experience to customers. From its advanced filter cleaning Technology, Refrigerant, Service quality to other useful features, used in providing the best possible quality of air, Daikin and Transcom Electronics are committed to take the partnership to next level,” he said.

Daikin having trained more than 150 installers across all major cities will ensure proper installation and troubleshooting for all customers. This new range of Inverter split ACs are available at a starting price point of BDT 68,500/- onwards