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Cyclone Yaas disrupts normal life in 23 chars of Bhola

At least 11,309 family’s lives have become disrupted as cyclone Yaas damaged 23 chars of coastal district Bhola.

District’s relief and rehabilitation officer, Md. Motahar Hossain told UNB at least 1, 70,000 people have been affected by the cyclone.

Meanwhile primary data says, 659 villages of 51 union of the island district have been affected.

Of them 3,579 families are homeless now and 7,370 are facing partial damage.

People of several chars like Dhal char, char Kukri-Mukri, Char Nizam, Kolatolir char, char Jahiruddin, Madanpur, Neyamatpur, Majher char and Rajapur are passing their days in extreme condition.

However, around 200 thousand people who have been directly affected by the cyclone are yet to receive any significant aid other than dry foods.

In 50 places, 16 protective dams of the flood control dam have been destroyed.

Until Friday, the level of tidal water had lowered but clogged saline water in water bodies made fresh water and cow food scarce. This resulted in a plague of domestic animals in the char region.

District’s livestock Officer Indrajit Kumar said, death of 134 animals have been reported till Saturday.

In southern char areas buffalos are being infected with many diseases but our team is providing necessary treatments, he said.

There is no lack of relief as district administration already provided tin and financial assistance to those who have become completely homeless, said relief and rehabilitation officer, Md. Motahar Hossain.

“Affected are being listed, they will soon be rehabilitated,” he said.

Meanwhile, the restoration work of critically damaged dams to block tidal waves has already started, said Md. Hasanujjaman, executive engineer of Bhola Water Development Board.

Source: United News of Bangladesh