Cyclone Amphan: BAF prepares for disaster management work

Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) has taken preparations to conduct disaster management work after super cyclone Amphan hits.


The BAF has been providing assistance such as emergency air transport and medical evacuation assistance in aid to civil power under Bangladesh Armed Forces in any kind of national disaster.


In line with this, the BAF has prepared six transport aircrafts and 29 helicopters for disaster management activities, said an Inter Service Public Relation (ISPR) Directorate media release on Wednesday evening.


Disaster Management Cell at BAF Base Bashar and Ops rooms at all BAF bases have been opened to provide round the clock necessary assistance for pre and post-disaster management.


All these transport aircrafts and helicopters of the BAF have been kept ready for quick inspection of the cyclone affected areas, assessment of damage and delivery of relief services.


Cameras have been installed in BAF MI-17 series helicopters to capture photos and videos of the damage which will reveal the true picture of the affected areas and help to play a supportive role in post-disaster management.


The BAF is always ready with its manpower and resources to assist the Ministry of Water Resources, Civil Administration, PWD and Local Administration in dealing with any situation including quick rescue, relief and medical assistance.


It has set up Barisal Airfield as a forward staging area to assist in post Amphan disaster management. Besides, plans have been made to distribute relief items in 1,000 suitable packets by parachute to the people of the affected areas.


Source: United News of Bangladesh