Cybersecurity Career Guide: How to Become a Cybersecurity Expert?

The future of jobs is automation. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) catch on, 47% of the existing jobs will become obsolete in the several coming decades. However, beyond the scopes of automation, there will remain jobs that will require human dexterity. And among those jobs, cybersecurity will be one of the most in-demand and lucrative jobs. Now, what does cybersecurity mean? What specialization does it offer and most importantly, how to become a cybersecurity specialist? Let’s answer these in detail.

What is Cybersecurity? What Does a Cybersecurity Specialist Do?

Growing up, we have all heard about “hacking”. The way hackers write some complex codes and the computer or digital devices becomes compromised. The reality is a bit more intricate than what’s dramatized. But the core idea is the same.

Cybersecurity is the process of protecting computers, mobiles, networks, in short, any kind of digital device against threats and attacks. It is one of those aspects that applies to almost every aspect of human life. That is because modern life implements some form of digitization one way or the other. From tech giants to the simple businesses that keep their data on a digital server, everyone is in constant threat of malicious attacks. Strong cybersecurity helps to ensure that every form of tech, be it a product or service, remains safe from harm’s way.

Now, what about cybersecurity specialists? The malicious cyber threats are constantly evolving. As a result, there need to be renewed safety measures to combat these threats. This is where a cybersecurity specialist comes in. As the name suggests, a cybersecurity specialist takes measures to address any security loopholes within any system. These are specially trained individuals who can efficiently identify, address and eliminate any threat and take countermeasures to defend against similar issues.

Scope of Career in Cybersecurity

As one of the slated leading jobs of the future, the demand for cybersecurity specialists is already very high in the market. Even though it’s a technical job highly related to tech and computer engineering, the demand for the position is seen in virtually every sector.

Businesses face multifaceted problems due to cybersecurity. It ranges from the loss of public image to extreme financial consequences. Moreover, threats like ransomware, social engineering, and malware have become rampant with different variations and iterations.

A cybersecurity specialist can venture into a career in several security streams. It ranges from data security and identity, network management, mobile management, cloud security, application security as well as disaster recovery. Regardless of the streams, the importance and the payout are more or less the same.

A cybersecurity specialist in the USA can expect to earn up to 84,000 USD on average per year. That roughly translates to about 77,88,000 BDT per year. This staggering sum should be enough to motivate anyone interested in this line of work.

How to Become a Cybersecurity Specialist for a Sustainable Career?

The job of a cybersecurity specialist sounds challenging and exciting with high remuneration. So naturally, the question arises, how to become a cybersecurity specialist? Well, there’s no shortcut and the process can be quite challenging given the sophisticated nature of the job. Regardless, here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a cybersecurity specialist.


This is the first and foremost step to becoming a cybersecurity expert. The idea is to learn the process and methods of cyber-attacks and security measures. There are several undergraduate and graduate streams of studies related to core security management. They also venture into different segments in the later parts.

There is also a cybersecurity associate’s degree which acts as a form of certification for the position. But in the actual job market, having a related degree like CS, or CSE will definitely give you an edge over the rest.

Professional Certification

Professional certifications are the best way to get ahead of the herd for landing a cybersecurity job. Tons of cybersecurity certifications often substitute for career experience while applying for different positions. But among them, some are basic certs that a cybersecurity professional has to have. These include the CISSP, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Network+, CEH, etc. Some of these certifications are stream-based. But all of these are necessary to build a general portfolio in security management.


It’s impossible to become specialized in certain something without experience. And in the world of cybersecurity, experience is everything. This is something that will make or break the career stream for an aspiring professional. So, if the experience is so important, how should you acquire it?

Cybersecurity expert also needs to have a strong interpersonal skill set. These can be categorized under soft skills. Some necessary soft skills include – leadership, research, and communication.


The last thing to specialize into land a cybersecurity job is to network. Networking is important for cybersecurity. Mainly because of the sophisticated nature of the position. Everyone wants a reliable expert who will deliver without fail. As a result, the demand is there for verified and proven candidates over the rest. Having proper networking will help to land a job simply because of word of mouth and vouching.

Final Words

Cybersecurity jobs will reign in the coming days of AI and automation. With more and more automation, the threat to the system will become even more magnified. As a result, a certified and skilled cybersecurity specialist will find job security and high demand in the market. Not to mention the high payout.

In this article, we have discussed the basic facts about cybersecurity. We have also provided a guideline to develop a career as a cybersecurity specialist. So, if this line of work interests you, then go ahead, and start the journey today.

Source: Bangladesh News Gazette