Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home for Eid

Eid is a very special occasion for Muslims around the globe. The natural tradition of Eid is going to relatives’ homes and exchanging blessings. As friends and relatives visit our home during this festival, we can try some home decorations to make the house look clean, nice and sober. Continue scrolling to get some creative and effective ways to decorate your home for eid.

Cost-effective Home Decor Ideas to Embellish Your House in Eid

Eid banner

Eid is one of the most religious festivals to enjoy with family. It has the ability to get together with everyone. An eid banner can make your eid more lovely to welcome friends, relatives, and near and dear ones.

Decoration of doors

With what do you enter a house? Of course the front door. The front door is the first and last impression you get of that house. Generally, friends and relatives visit your house, especially on the occasion of eid. So you can amaze them with the creative decoration of your front door.

Diverse ways are available to jazz up a door but the best and easiest way to decorate your front door is with wreaths. If you have enough opportunity, you can also decor all the doors of your homes. If you have the ability and you don’t have enough time, you can buy them from the store.

However, if you are creative, you can make one yourself! You will find a floral ready-made wreath in the market. Just bring them and decorate with some cutout moons, stars, and a little sign saying, Eid Mubarak. All is done!

Gorgeous wall

Wish to decorate your home on Eid but forget about wall decoration. Is it possible? You need to touch upon every nook and corner of the house for eid decoration. Remember, walls are the most important to be taken into account.

If you don’t have enough time and opportunity just hang a few Eid garlands on the main walls of the house. To offer a new look to different rooms and corners of your house, splash them with new colours. However, make sure you hang a pretty garland that says “Eid Mubarak” to make it interesting.

New Curtains

As a Bengali, you cannot forget about curtains no matter how decorative the walls are! It can’t be ignored that during Eid celebrations curtains bring out a unique festive look. Generally, we put away a few selective drapes only to be used on special occasions.

If you have already saved some for the festival, then great! But if your existing ones look torn down and old then you need to think about buying some new ones. You can also use sarees like Jamdaani to make great blinders for windows. However, a new one would be better.

Floor Decoration

The floor spaces of your house can also be decorated before the holy Eid festival. You can decorate and beautify the floor of different rooms with gorgeous carpets. Using the soft, smooth, and traditional carpets adorned with embellished accessories, you can attract everyone’s attention and also gather a lot of compliments.

You will find plenty in the market to choose from. Make sure you choose carpets considering the respective room’s size, and design. Furthermore, the colours of walls, curtains and other furniture of the room should also complement the carpet as you are decorating for Eid.

Colourful Balloons

When you think of celebration and decoration, the first thing you consider is balloons. Honestly, a festival is incomplete without balloons. They make the kids happy and they are a wonderful way to add something extra to the decorations.

You can use plain, glittery or with inscriptions balloons- they are all pretty. Balloons are the best things to give Eidi to the children. You can put some money and treats inside the balloon and hand them over to the kids because Eidi is the best part for them.

Majestic Lighting

Can anyone imagine a festival without lighting? No way! A festival is really incomplete without the bright and stylish light décor. It can be a great idea to decorate your lovely home with fabulous lighting elements.

You can use lanterns which are the most traditional lighting pieces and introduce amazing beauty to the place. They are one of the most modish forms of lighting with the ability to illuminate magic in a darkened room.

However, if you don’t have time for shopping or planning under a tight budget, make DIY lanterns. Just make a paper lantern yourself at home. Using the strings of light bulbs is another best way of lighting.

Beautiful Candles

Decorative candles are another best source of lighting and beauty. You can decorate candles with jewels, calligraphy, or stickers to make them look festive. You can take a bunch of colourful candles and decorate your front door with lighting candles. Besides, You can take small candles to float them in a bowl of water. This will create a great table centrepiece. Everyone will love this and this will amazingly give a festive look to your home.

Sweet Fragrance

Festivals mean sweet fragrances. You can grow the festive look of your house with a sweet fragrance. It will not only refresh the minds of everyone but also lift up the spirits of the host as well as the guests.

You can keep fresh flowers on the table, in the ignored corners, kitchen, next to the door. This will give a heavenly touch to your home. Furthermore, you can place sweet smelling candles at different places of your house.

Eid Special Dining Table

Who can deny that a huge part of Eid is the food? Make sure you welcome your guests with delicious treats, savoury or sweet cuisines. Don’t forget to engage your friends and family with a feast which is one of the most pleasing things to look forward to on Eid.

Remember presentation is very important in the case of food and so make sure you beautifully set up the table to prepare everyone’s palette before a hearty meal. Of course, you will prepare mouth-watering food but you can make it even more interesting by decorating the table.

You can decorate your dining table in many ways. In the centre, you can put a cake stand wrapped in flowers and topped with a tall candle. Besides, folding napkins in the shape of a star or a crescent moon can give a gorgeous look to your table.

Source: United News of Bangladesh