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Covid-19 lockdown: Pran Dairy continues collecting milk from farmers

Pran Dairy has continued collecting milk from its contractual dairy farmers amid the nationwide lockdown – put in place to curb Covid-19.

As Covid-19 cases and fatalities have been on an upswing in the country, the dairy processor is creating awareness among the farmers so that they can supply milk to the collection centres, following proper health guidelines.

Maksudur Rahman, assistant general manager (operation) of Pran Dairy, said: "We are collecting milk from our 12,000 contractual farmers regularly."

"Dairy farmers cannot sell milk now as hotels and sweet shops are closed. However, we are collecting all of the milk that the farmers are delivering to our centres."

He also said Pran has five hubs in Chatmohar of Pabna, Gurudaspur of Natore, Shahjadpur and Baghabari of Sirajganj and Rangpur; there are 101 collection centres under the hubs.

"Recently, we have taken steps to increase the number of our collection centre in the southern region. Also, we have set up some collection centres in Satkhira and also started collecting milk from there. Farmers are supplying milk at the collection and chilling centres, maintaining social distancing and following health guidelines," Maksudur said.

Kamruzzaman Kamal, marketing director of Pran-RFL Group, said: "We are being able to provide products to the customers, thanks to the government's decision to keep the supply of agriculture, dairy and other essential products normal."

"The demand for milk, generally, increases during Ramadan. So, we have introduced home delivery facilities for milk and dairy products," he said in a media release.

Source: United News of Bangladesh