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Covid-19 lockdown: Khulna hunkers behind shutters

The busy streets of Khulna city wore a deserted look on Wednesday, with vanishingly few residents seen out in public at the onset of a fresh seven-day lockdown, with stricter enforcement expected of rules that are already stricter in response to the Second Wave of Covid-19.

All shops except for pharmacies and groceries were shut on Wednesday. Even the always-bustling Shibari intersection, known for a chronic bustle, is almost silent.

The streets were empty. There was no public transport except for a few rickshaws and pushcarts.

Those spotted on the sidewalks were people out for shopping or are hospital employees or emergency service workers.

The nationwide new lockdown that started on Wednesday will continue until April 21.

The law enforcers were seen occupying the city intersections. Police teams were also spotted patrolling the streets. Anyone who was out on the street, defying the government-imposed restrictions, was stopped by them.

All the offices in the city are closed now. However, the emergency services are still running. And the emergency service workers are either moving on foot or using their vehicle.

Mofassil Alam, a showroom owner in Moilapota intersection, said: "We have closed our showrooms following the government's restrictions. We will welcome the customers back if there is a new instruction in this connection."

Pilot, a tea seller at Shibari intersection, said: "There are not many customers as Ramadan has begun. The lockdown has also begun. So, I've kept my store shut."

Rickshaw puller Md Moni said, "This lockdown has been very harsh on us. My income has collapsed as the first day of the lockdown wears on. What am I going to eat now?"

The cabinet division on Monday issued a notification declaring a strict lockdown to contain the spike in Covid-19 infections.

All offices, public transport, markets, shopping malls, shops, hotels and restaurants will remain closed until midnight on Apr 21. However, factories will remain open and limited banking services will be available.

Source: United News of Bangladesh