Corona patients’ admission to the hospital becomes nightmare: Fakhrul

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir voiced concern over people’s sufferings in receiving treatment, saying taking admission to hospitals by coronavirus-infected patients has become a nightmare.


In a statement, he also said both the fresh Covid-19 cases and deaths are growing alarmingly in the country due to the government’s ‘limitless failures’ to tackle the pandemic situation.


“There’s now no treatment in the country for people infected with Covid-19. Admission of Corona patients to the hospital seems to have turned into a nightmare,” the BNP leader observed.


He said the patients are also groaning helplessly at the hospitals from lack of ICU and oxygen facilities.


“The number of beds is very adequate compared to the patients. The infected people are running from one hospital to another while some are dying on the roads,” Fakhrul said.


Besides, he said unemployed people are crying all around because of hunger. “The shadow of a famine is spreading across the country. The government is providing people with untrue information instead of dealing this difficult time with collective efforts out of its arrogance.”


Fakhrul also alleged that the government is using the state machinery ruthlessly as it did in the past to suppress the leaders and activists of BNP and other opposition even at this time of pandemic.


He said the government has been on a spree of arresting BNP leaders and activities irrespective of their gender by implicating them in ‘false and fictitious’ cases. “The government’s such activities at this time are inhuman and cowardice.”


Source: United News of Bangladesh