Consider mental health issues seriously: Speakers

Speakers at a webinar have laid emphasis on taking mental health issues seriously to ensure healthy growth of all.


The webinar was held on Sunday night marking the International Mental Health Day, said a press release.


Quoting research they said the mental stability of children very much depends on the psychological condition of the parents.


Hosted by Dr. Tazdeek Hasan Deep, the Research Associate of Liverpool, Dr. Helal Uddin Ahmed, an associate professor from the Institution of Mental Health and Child Psychologist and Researcher, Sharmima Shirazi from ICDDRB participated in the discussion.


“With the assistance of social and domestic awareness, starting from pregnant mothers to every newly born and grown-up child, everyone’s mental health should be taken care of and parents have a role to play on ensuring the psychological stimulation of the children,” said researcher Sharmina Sirazi.


Besides, Dr. Helal Uddin Ahmed s a id, “It is hard to introduce new policies without research and the more we work on improving our mentality, the more criminal activities due to the lack of ethics will decrease. Counseling or psychological assistance should be provided with standard quality.”


The complete webinar has been conducted by A.N.M. Fakhrul Amin, the Founder and Executive Director of “ACTIONISTS.”


ACTIONISTS ” is a non-profit organization volunteered by the youngsters of Bangladesh about educating people on the importance of mental health which has been providing free counseling since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Source: United News of Bangladesh