Conjoined twins die 3 hrs after birth in Faridpur

A pair of conjoined twin babies died only three hours after being born in Boalmari Sadar of Faridpur on Monday.

Sathi Aktar, wife of Md Sumon of Barangkula village in Boalmari gave birth to the twins after having a cesarean surgery in the morning.

Dr Tapos Kumar Bishwash who operated the C-section, said the ultrasound reports mentioned about twins but after surgery he found they were conjoined twins.

The newborns were referred to Faridpur Bangabandhu Medical College Hospital for critical condition.

Deceased’s father said the conjoined twin was transferred to Faridpur Bangabandhu Medical College Hospital from The Eastern Surgical Clinic as their condition was critical.

After being taken to the emergency unit of Faridpur Bangabandhu Medical College Hospital, doctor declared them dead, he said.

Source: United News of Bangladesh