Commerce Minister finds RMG workers’ demand for wage hike ‘logical’

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi on Friday said the garment workers’ demand for a wage hike is logical, against the background of rising inflation triggered by the Russia-Ukraine war.


“So it is necessary to form a wage commission and conduct a study on the overall aspects of workers’ living costs, product prices, production costs,” Munshi said.


He was speaking at the 16th biannual conference of the National Garment Workers Federation, held at the Jatiya Press Club in the city.


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The garment sector has reached its present position today due to the sincere efforts of the workers and owners. The interests of both workers and owners need to be ensured, he added.


“For this, it is necessary to ensure the fair wages of the workers as well as the appropriate price of the products. These two things are very important to sustain the industry.”


A workers’ organisation should be formed according to the labor law, he said. “Both workers’ organisations and leaders should be educated and responsible.”


Tipu urged everyone to work in the interest of the organisation. “If the company does not survive, neither the workers nor the owners will survive,” he added.


The government will continue to provide all necessary assistance to workers and employers, he added.


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The minister said the contribution of workers for the solid foundation of the economy of Bangladesh is a lot.


Besides, under the guidance of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, one crore enlisted families are buying some daily essential products including oil, lentils, sugar at affordable prices through Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB).


Rice is also in the process of being added to the TCB sale, he added, noting about five crore people of the country are being benefited from this.


“Efforts are being made to include a segment of apparel workers in the list,” he added.


Source: United News of Bangladesh