Colmi P28 Plus Review: Is It a Worthy Budget Smartwatch?

COLMI is a well-known and successful manufacturer of unique smartwatches. Following the success of its COLMI P28 model, the COLMI P28 Plus is a fresh update from the Colmi P Series. Since its launch, the smartwatch has been a discussion among tech-loving people. This article will go in-depth describing different parts, aspects and functionalities of the watch.

Key Features of Colmi P28 Plus


The COLMI P28 Plus Smartwatch has a contemporary and attractive style that is comparable to the other watches in the Colmi P series. It’s square in form, with a 2.5D curved screen on the sides. This watch sports a rotating button that functions as a page-turner, zoom in/out, back, and on/off switch. It contains perforations in the left portion, which houses the integrated speaker and microphone. On the rear, there is a plastic shell with magnetic charging ports and a heart rate sensor.

The watch’s body is manufactured of high-quality aluminium alloy, measuring 43.5mm in diameter and 11mm thick, and weighing no more than 45g. The small and lightweight design makes the P28 Plus pleasant to wear on the wrist.

The silicone band of this watch feels comfy and looks pleasant on the wrist, allowing for extended usage. It’s detachable design allows you to use it with any 20mm belt.

This latest Colmi Smartwatch comes in the same four coloured straps: black, rose, gold, and silver. You can also buy colored and different shaped straps separately.

Screen of the Display

The screen on the COLMI P28 Plus features a huge 1.69-inch IPS display. The display is 2.5D curved to show more information and details. It comes with a resolution of 240*280 pixels. The resolution is standard, and better than other models at the same price. Colours are so pleasing that even when worn in direct sunshine, they will not irritate you.

Indeed, the screen is huge and takes up most of the interface. COLMI P28 Plus has thin edges, which is only seen on more expensive smartwatches. Usually, the low-cost smartwatches include a touch screen in the centre of the screen and relatively broadsides. For instance, COLMI P8 had a smaller screen and was located in the body’s centre. Thanks to Colmi for making the P28 Plus more elegant.

Watch Faces

The COLMI P28 Plus comes with a wide range of pre-installed watch faces. You can quickly switch between by spinning the button or through the Da Fit app, which features over 100 customizable online watch faces in a variety of colours, retro, analogue, 3D, and digital styles. You can also use live background images or your own pictures as a watch face background or any wallpaper.


The COLMI P28 Plus is waterproof to IP67, which implies you can wear it while washing your hands or in rainy weather. While the watch is not suitable for wearing during swimming, it is suitable for wearing during various physical activities. However, revealing the smartwatch to hot water or saltwater is discouraged to avoid injury.

Hardware Under the Hood

The COLMI P28 Plus comes with a built-in Realtek RTL8762CK chip and a supplementary chipset JieLi AC6963A for faster response time and data processing. This Smartwatch is fueled by 64KB RAM and 64MB ROM to accommodate additional watch faces.

For your health, this device includes an LC11 heart rate sensor and SC7A20 G-sensor. This wearable technology monitors your mobility in real-time and looks after you all through the day.

This watch supports Bluetooth 5.0, which results in lower battery consumption and a more reliable connection. And this version is compatible with both Android 5.0 and later, or iOS 10.0 and later, through the Da Fit app.

However, COLMI P28 Plus lacks a built-in GPS sensor, which means you must always pair it with a smartphone to get your position.

Health & Fitness

The COLMI P28 Plus wristwatch has 28 different sports modes, including treadmills, walking, football, tennis, handball, basketball, biking, outdoor cycling, elliptical machines, on foot, yoga, weight training, trekking, and free training.

Apart from the sporting features, you can track your heart rate in real-time to determine if it is regularly beating or not. You can also monitor your sleep to determine your total amount of light sleep, deep sleep. What’s more? This wristwatch allows you to monitor waking time, and heart rate and oxygen levels in the blood in real-time to help you improve.

Although COLMI P28 Plus features a more accurate LC11 sensor than other sensors, this does not mean that the dimensions provided by this smartwatch are totally accurate, as the majority of them are imprecise because of the fact that it is not a healthcare instrument. However, it does increase your awareness of your health and physical performance. Regrettably, this is often the case with timepieces in this price range.

Battery and Charging

Finally, the COLMI P28 Plus has a standard battery with a capacity of 235mAh. It is somewhat bigger than the 190mAh battery found in its ancestor COLMI P28.

The latest P28 Plus provides up to 7 days of average usage with continuous heart rate tracking along with 25 days in standby mode, depending on the activities you engage in. This Smartwatch may take around two hours for full charging.

Price of Clmi P28 Plus in Bangladesh

The watch is unofficially available in Bangladesh. The price for the watch in different outlets varies. You can buy it for around BDT 2,000.


This latest smartwatch COLMI P28 Plus has already become a market hit by virtue of its contemporary look, improved hardware, and enhanced functions. It has a 1.69-inch full touch screen, heart rate tracking sensor, different sports modes, a speaker and microphone. A built-in GPS sensor could make it a better deal. Although it is a budget wristwatch, the construction quality is standard. It is one of the finest budget smartwatches available at this price point.

Source: United News of Bangladesh