‘Chita Bagh’ of Khulna: An early entrant for King of the Haat this Eid ul Azha

A big cow named ‘Chita Bagh’ is drawing the attention of many people at Katenga village in Terokhada upazila due to its size and price as its owner is demanding Tk 10 lakh for it.


The four-year-old ‘Chita Bagh’ weighs 40 maunds (around 1500kg) and like the AUstralian cows is black and white in colour. It is named after its spotty pattern, that somewhat resembles a leopard’s spots.


Its owner, named Kainat, expects to sell it ahead of Eid-ul-Azha at a price of Tk 10 lakh. That is still some way off the Tk 37 lakh that was paid for the last Eid ul Azha’s most expensive cow, the ‘King of the Haat’ in Bangladesh, named ‘Messi’.


Many people have thronged the house of Kainat to see ‘Chita Bagh’ in recent days, said Kainat adding that “Many of them wanted to take pictures of the cow while bathing while many took selfies with him and recorded a video.”


“I have brought up ‘Chita Bagh’ like my child and as times pass it becomes matured. Now it turned into a ‘Chita Bagh’ in size and its nature,” he said.


Besides, Kainat said this year a fodder crisis was seen amid coronavirus.


SM Bayezid, son of Kainat, who also helps his father, said Chita Bagh eats hay and grass and it has been brought up like a family member.


According to the sources at Khulna Livestock and Fisheries Department office, there are 6,890 farms in the district and most of these are located in Dumuria, Terokhada and Batiaghata upazilas.


The number of domestic animals is 45,148 in those farms and of these, 40,968 cows and 4,180 are goats and sheep.


SM Auwal Haque, District Livestock and Fisheries officer, said “There is no need to be getting frustrated over the price of the cattle. Social distancing will be maintained at the cattle markets.”


“Besides, selling cattle online became most popular and we are providing necessary assistance to sell their cattle online,” he said.


Source: United News of Bangladesh