Chhatra Union protests price hike of education materials

Bangladesh Chhatra Union staged a human chain protesting the price hike of education materials in the last few months.


The protest rally was organised at the foot of anti-terrorist Raju Bhaskarzya intersection of Dhaka University at 4 pm on Monday.


Bangladesh Students Union general member Saif Rudad presided over the programme while the organisation’s assistant general secretary Mahir Shahriar conducted it.


Among others, Bangladesh Students Union General Secretary Deepak Sheel, Organizing Secretary Sumaiya Setu, Dhaka University Convener Kazi Rakib Hossain, Dhaka Metropolitan unit’s General Secretary spoke at the rally.


Deepak Sheel, general secretary of Bangladesh Student Union, said “Education system is already in danger due to Covid-19 pandemic. The burden of people getting heavier. Children from lower-class families are discouraged from pursuing studies and even decide to drop out,” he added.


Demanding control and reduction of prices, he said, “In just a span of five to six months, the price of various educational materials has increased by 40 to 50 percent and the price of some materials have been increased up to twice which created an additional pressure on the middle-class family”.


“The government is trying to turn education into a commodity. We, Bangladesh Student Union, do not accept this policy of education business. We demand a reduction in the price of all educational materials and a reduction in the cost of education as well,” said Saif Rudad.


“If our demands are not met, the government will be forced to implement the demands through the countrywide student movement, he warned”.


Source: United News of Bangladesh