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Chhatra League attack on LDP leader Redwan ‘premeditated’: BNP

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Monday described the attack on Liberal Democratic Party leader Dr Redwan Ahmed by the ‘ruling party cadres’ in Chandina upazila of Cumilla as premeditated.

In a statement, he also alleged that there was instigation from the highest level of the government behind the attack.

“This heinous attack has proved once again that the country is now under a fascist and authoritarian rule. I strongly condemn and protest this cowardly attack,” the BNP leader said.

He demanded the government immediately arrest the perpetrators and mete out exemplary punishment to them.

Fakhrul voiced concern as Redwan, secretary general of one of the BNP-led 20-party alliance’s key partners in the LDP, was arrested when he took shelter at a local police station in self-defence following an attack on his vehicle as it arrived at a meeting.

The BNP secretary general said although the government made various statements seeking the participation of all parties in the next parliamentary election, the attacks on opposition parties’ meetings and rallies targeting their leaders by the ruling party ‘cadres’ have exposed its self-contradiction. “It has become clear through the attack that this regime is dependent on terrorism.”

Fakhrul alleged that the ruling party ‘cadres’ have turned the entire country into a bloodied state by destroying democracy and taking the law into their own hands.

“The government has become more reckless and desperate to protect its own existence. Such an attack has indicated how awful Awami fascism will be in the days to come,” the BNP leader observed.

Earlier in the day, two people were shot by Redwan during a clash between activists of the ruling party student front Bangladesh Chhatra League and the LDP at Redwan Ahmed College premises in Chandina upazila of Cumilla.

After the clash, Dr Redwan, a former MP, was held on accusation of firing shots from his gun.

Police and witnesses said the leaders and activists of the LDP and BCL arrived at the college campus on Monday noon to hold their separate meetings.

Amid the tension, some BCL activists allegedly chased the personal vehicle of Dr Redwan Ahmed when he reached the spot. In order to fend them off, he fired at them from his gun through the window of his vehicle.

Source: United News of Bangladesh