Cattle farming inside Upazila Health Complex causes pollution

People who went to the Keraniganj Upazila Health Complex for taking medical treatments, may stumble for a while after seeing cattle grazing in the premises of the hospital.


It would seem the premium on maintaining a clean and healthy environment for the provision of healthcare services has been sacrificed at the altar of the UHC junior mechanic’s farming habit. Jashim, the said junior mechanic, has raised a small cattle farm right beside the mosque located inside the UHC premises.


Patients, nurses, doctors and other staffers of Keraniganj Health Complex and people attending the mosque, which is a separate structure from the main complex that includes a hospital, are all said to be suffering a lot due to the pollution caused by the animal wastes from the dairy farm. Yet they can’t overrule the whim of the junior mechanic, who is hand-in-glove with a driver of the complex in maintaining the farm.


Besides it also poses a health risk to them as the decomposition of animal wastes in the dairy can release methane and ammonia.


The negligence of the authorities concerned is blamed for this appalling state of affairs.


The staffs of the hospital including Imam of the mosque Maulana Mufti Mobin Hossain and Humayun Kabir, an ambulance driver, alleged that another driver Bayezid and junior mechanic Jashim have occupied four rooms of the hospital for personal gain and established a dairy farm there.


Two low-level employees getting away with all this can only be the outcome of entrenched, endemic corruption.


Driver Humayun said they also occupied the garage of the hospital, forcing him to keep the ambulance in other places that he must rent at his own expense. Rushing emergency patients from there to other hospitals on referral, is obviously hampered as a result.


“I have submitted written complain twice but to no avail,” he said.


Besides, Jashim and Bayezid are also involved in embezzling money from the development work of the hospital, said Humayun.


There is an allegation against Jashim that he got the job by providing fake technical certificates and the staffs of the hospital demanded probe against Jashim for his misdeed.


Contacted, Jashim and Bayezid simply dismissed the allegations brought against them as false.


Dr Mashiur Rahman, recently installed as upazila health officer and therefore in charge of the hospital, said “I have joined at the hospital just one month back and steps will be taken against all irregularities that are brought to attention.”


Source: United News of Bangladesh