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BNP passing hard times: Quader

Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader said on Monday that it’s BNP that is going through bad times, not the country.

“Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir is trying to scare the people of the country by talking about bad times. In fact, there are no bad times in the country; bad times are going on in BNP politics,” he said.

The road transport and bridges minister made the remarks in reply to the BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul’s recent comments that a suffocating situation has been prevailing in the country due to repression and misrule of the current government.

“Over 600 of our leaders and workers have been made to disappear and over a thousand others killed. Our 35 lakh leaders and activists have been implicated in false cases,” Fakhrul alleged.

Responding to the allegation Quader said BNP leaders and activists are now aimless travellors. They now want to get rid of the failed leadership of the top leaders of the BNP. People want to forget the misrule of the BNP era.

“As a result, the people have repeatedly chosen the Awami League and as always, the people will choose the Awami League in the next election. Realizing that, the BNP is now suffering,’ he also said.

In the statement, Quader said BNP leaders have repeatedly said that a fair election is not possible without a caretaker government. There is no point in raising an issue that has been settled by the country’s highest court.

He emphasized that the election will be held under a neutral election commission. The government will only cooperate with it.

“So I will tell the BNP if you believe in the election, if you have confidence in the people, then avoid the path of conspiracy and prepare for the next election. Hopefully, good sense of the BNP will prevail,” he said.

Source: United News of Bangladesh