BNP denounces MC College rape incident, bemoans ‘lawlessness’

Strongly denouncing the incident of a ‘gang-rape’ in a dormitory of Sylhet MC College, BNP on Sunday alleged that it has depicted the ‘lawlessness and anarchic’ situation created in the country by ‘Awami League’.


“The incident at Sylhet MC College is horrific and shocking. It exposed the real scenario of the country where no one has any security now. A lawlessness and anarchic situation created by Awami League is now prevailing in the country,” said BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.


Speaking at a press conference at BNP chairperson’s Gulshan office, he said, “We strongly condemn this (rape) incident. We demand immediate arrest of the offenders of Chhatra League and put them under the law.”


A 19-year-old married girl was reportedly raped by a group of youths in a dormitory of Sylhet MC College on Friday night. The rapists violated the girl around 7pm after tying up her husband in a room of the hostel.


Fakhrul said rape incidents marked a sharp rise since Awami League came to power. “The nation never witnessed such a rise in rape incidents in the past. It’s the most shameful matter that the leaders of the student body of an old party like Awami League have involvement with all these incidents.”


Even after nearly 50 years of the country’s independence, he bemoaned that rape incidents are happening repeatedly. “Whenever Awami League has come to power in the country, such anarchy has increased and the law and order situation has deteriorated drastically. Awami League has succeeded in creating panic among people across the country.”


The BNP leader said the people who used to raise voice in favour of people’s demands and rights have got silent now out of fear and a sense of insecurity. “Even, we’ve never seen journalists behave what they are doing now. They’re now forced to find out the faults of BNP and bring those to limelight. You’re doing these to protect your jobs.”


He said the government has lost control over the police force for using them in carrying out ‘misdeeds’ and ‘usurping’ power. “Police now tell Awami League leaders right away that we’ve brought you to power. So, how does the bankrupt government control police?”


About the plight of expatriates, he said the government has completely failed to ensure the return of the expatriates to the countries they work. “They (expatriates) were not given the protection they were supposed to get when they arrived. They didn’t get economic incentives that they were supposed to be provided with.”


Fakhrul, also a former state minister for civil aviation, said the government should have taken steps earlier so that the expatriates do not face any hassle and crisis of air tickets in returning to their job destinations. “But they didn’t do that as they’re only busy with making money.”


About Saturday’s by-polls to Pabna-4, he said it has again proved that the current Election Commission has no capability to arrange any credible election.


He demanded reelection to the Pabna-4 vacant seat cancelling Saturday’s voting and results.


Source: United News of Bangladesh