BMDA implements TK 2,502cr projects

RAJSHAHI, The Barind Multipurpose Development Authority (BMDA) has implemented 19 projects involving around Taka 2,502.04 crore in all 16 districts of Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions during the last 10 years.

According to the sources concerned, the implemented schemes contribute a

lot towards uplifting living and livelihood condition of people in the

country's northwest region.

The region scored a significant progress in the crop production sector

following the expansion of irrigation facilities through operating deeptube

wells coupled with supplying water from reexcavated canals and ponds.

We have brought around 47,000 hectares of croplands under supplementary

irrigation facilities through reexcavating 1,498kilometer canals and 386

derelict ponds, said Engineer Abdur Rashid, executive director of BMDA,

while talking to BSS here Tuesday.

The irrigated lands have yielded more than 35 lakh tonnes including 27 lakh

tonnes of additional crops especially food grain in the region especially the

vast Barind tract yearly.

Prepaid meter has been installed in 7,500 irrigation pumps. Rainwater

harvesting and conservation has been arranged after excavating 303 dugwells.

A total of 106 irrigation pumps were made functional through 2120kilowat

solar power in order to boosting production of lesswater consuming crops

through promoting ecofriendly irrigation system.

Drinking water problem of more than 12.75 lakh remote people has been

minimized through construction and installation of 1212 water


Yearly 45 lakh metric tonnes of food grains production has been ensured as

a result of providing irrigation to 4.96 lakh hectares of land successfully.

Seven pontoons have been commissioned in seven places of Padma and

Mohananda rivers for water conservation in canals and ponds.

In this way, irrigation is being provided to croplands in doublelifting

method through 460 low lift pumps. Irrigation activities are being conducted

through around 8,770kilometersubsurface pipeline aims at ending misuse of

both agricultural lands and irrigation water.

Around 444kilometer connecting roads were constructed aiming at creating

scopes of marketing agricultural products produced by the farmers and fair

price of those.

More than 75,000 farmers get training and motivation on proper use of

irrigation water, resisting misuse of power, judicious use of irrigation

water and modern farming.

Various works like electrification of 6974 deeptubewells, construction of

7200kilometer power distribution line, 698 crossdams and a 65meter rubber

dam, telemeter installation in 400 irrigation pumps and reactivation and

renovation of 2877 other nonfunctional pumps were completed.

Around 34.90 lakh saplings of various fruit, timber and herbal trees and

40 lakh palm trees were planted in the command area to protect environment

and meet the growing demands for fruits and timber in the region.

Tree plantation activities are progressing successfully that will

ultimately help reduce carbon emission at a substantial level and that is

very important to face the adverse impact of climate change in the vast

Barind tract.

Implementation of the projects has yielded a significant success in crop

production and making an ecological balance. The projects are creating jobs

for the unemployed people and also ensuring various facilities along with an

environmentfriendly climate in the region.

Engineer Rashid mentioned that yearly crop production has been enhanced to

45 lakh tonnes from 7.56 lakh tonnes, crop intensity to 226 percent from 117

percent while annual rainfall rose to 64 inches from 54.99 inches.

Meanwhile, implementation of four other projects is progressing fast at

present with involvement of around Taka 273.19 crore.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)