Bluetooth Headphones Buyer Guide and Price Ranges in Bangladesh

Bluetooth headphones first came into existence in 2004. Back then it was a mere luxury that performed significantly less compared to wired headphones. Wired headphones dominated the market as they were cheap, easy to get, and sounded better. That was until Apple took the first step at removing the 3.5 mm headphone jack from their iPhones in 2016.

Fast forward to 2022, wired headphones are yesterday’s tech now with the headphone jack becoming increasingly obsolete. Bluetooth headphones have become increasingly cheap and sound on par with wired ones. So naturally, people are getting more and more inclined to the Bluetooth solution.

Here is a complete buyer guide to Bluetooth headphones and the best options at different price brackets so that the users can choose the perfect one according to their budget.

Things to Consider While Buying a Bluetooth Headphone


Price is an obvious consideration when it comes to buying the perfect pair. There are some crazy eyes watering Bluetooth headphones like the Sennheiser Momentum or the Apple Airpods Max, both of which costs north of 500 dollars. And if that wasn’t crazy enough, there’s V-Moda Crossfade Wireless which costs an insane 40,000 dollars.

The point is, a perfect Bluetooth shouldn’t cost that much. As will be discussed in the later parts, it’s possible to get great-sounding pairs at a fraction of these prices.


Sound is another obvious factor to consider. As users will see, there are miles of difference between a dead cheap Bluetooth headphone and a moderately priced one. Be it the clarity, tones, tempos, and the highs and mids. And not just the listening experience, most users also use their headphones to make calls. How the sound transitions on the other side are also something to consider while getting a pair.


Wearability is another important factor to consider while getting any Bluetooth headphones. Unlike the wired ones, Bluetooth headphones don’t come with any support. The latest true wireless or TWS headphones are an even bigger concern as the ear canal is the only thing supporting the dangling device. Depending on ear size, users should choose the type that best fits their purpose.

USB Port

The importance of a USB port cannot be emphasized enough. There are all types of Bluetooth headphones out there each having its own charging process. Some are wireless, some have built-in wire and others use lighting ports (exclusive to Apple headphones). The point is, going for an unconventional charging setup will only add another extra wire to the table. So before buying a pair, make sure the charging port is either Type-C or at least a micro-USB one to save up extra hassle.

Price Range of Bluetooth Headphones in Bangladesh

Bluetooth Headphones Under 2000 BDT

Haylou GT7 TWS Earbuds

Haylou is more commonly known in the Bangladeshi market for its budget smartwatches. But the company has a range of Bluetooth headphones and the GT7 brings the best in quality and price.

The headphone has an AAC codec with advanced 5.2 Bluetooth. It also provides low latency in gaming mode with a dedicated AI noise cancellation feature. The buds can play 5 hours on their own with a total of 20 hours along with the case. The price of the Haylou GT7 TWS Earbuds is 1550 BDT.

The Realme Buds Q2 is a great choice for those who don’t like the stem in Bluetooth headphones. Along with low latency and noise cancellation, the device brings touch control to the earphones.

Users will get up to 6 hours of continuous usage on the earphones and combined use of 22 hours with the case. The earphones also have an IPX4 rating so users can sweat out with them without any worry. The price of the Realme Buds Q2 is 1750 BDT.

Edifier X2

The Edifier X2 brings the largest driver (13 mm) in the sub-2000 category. It also provides the highest range at 10 m range. There is surround sound noise cancellation technology in these buds. Instead of AAC, Edifier used the more refired AptX from Qualcomm.

The buds themselves can run for around 6 hours with another 18 hours through the charging case. The price of the Edifier X2 is 1850 BDT in Bangladesh.

Bluetooth Headphone Under 4000 BDT

Haylou X1 ANC

Haylou X1 ANC brings a more premium TWS experience to the users with its build quality and features. The pair has a 35 dB ANC which is the only reliable dedicated ANC at this price range. There are also a total of 6 different noise cancellation mics with 3 on each bud for a smooth and rich call experience.

The X1 has a run time of 6 hours with an additional 24 hours through the case. The Price of the Haylou X1 ANC is 3450 BDT.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z (Bass Edition)

The Bullets Wireless Z is one of the best and most popular Bluetooth headphones in all price ranges in Bangladesh. This is a neckband-style Bluetooth headphone so there is no added worry of losing any buds.

Along with all the standard features, the pair can last up to 17 hours on a single charge. OnePlus claims that the fast charger from their phones can be used to charge the device for 10 minutes for a 10-hour listening time. The current price of the Bullets Wireless Z is 2299 BDT.

Anker Soundcore Life Note E

The list won’t be complete without having an Anker in it. The Soundcore Life Note E is best for the TWS enthusiasts who like to push their game. The high bass, IPX5 water resistance along with 32 hours long combined battery life easily make it the perfect running or gym partner.

The price of the Soundcore Life Note E is 3650 BDT.

This neckband-style headphone is the cheapest Beats out there. But the quality is exactly as expected from beats. The pair is also powered by the Apple W1 chip so it should perfectly sync with Apple devices.

The headphone can last 12 hours on a single charge and a 10 minutes charge will give 1.5 hours of listening time. The price of the Beats Flex is 4,499 BDT.

Bluetooth Headphones Under 10,000 BDT

OnePlus Buds Pro

The OnePlus Buds Pro brings the best from the OnePlus in TWS and at a premium price. It brings an 11 mm dynamic driver, IP55 rating, and up to 40 dB of smart noise cancellation. The TWS can provide up to 38 hours of combined listening time with 10 minutes charge for a 10-hour listening time. The price of the OnePlus Buds Pro is 9,499 BDT.

Nothing Ear 1 is the first product from Carl Pei’s new venture Nothing. The pair features an 11.6 mm driver with AI-powered Environmental Noise Cancellation and active ANC. The clear case gives the device its unique look.

The device has a combined playtime of 34 hours with ANC off and 24 hours with ANC on. The price of the pair is 9,490 BDT.

Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 Pro

The Liberty Air 2 Pro is the best of TWS from Anker. The headphone has a dedicated app for sound calibration and LDAC for better data transfer. The headphone also has an IPX4 rating with 26 hours of combined playtime. The price of the headphones is 8,999 BDT with 18 month’s official warranty.

Bluetooth Headphones Priced 15,000 BDT and Above

Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods Pro is undoubtedly one of the best headphones out there regardless of the OS orientation. The EQ driver, H1 chip, and spatial audio bring features that are otherwise not available in any headphones.

The Airpods Pro has a combined use time of 24 hours. The price of the pair is 18,990 BDT.

Sony WF-1000XM4

When it comes to TWS, the WF-1000XM4 is the ultimate winner. Sound is a subjective matter but when it comes to overall factors, the XM4 outshines its competitors. With the V1 chip coupled with DSEE Extreme and Edge AI ANC, the XM4 is absolutely packed with features and performance.

The 1000XM4 provides a combined use time of 24 hours. The price of the pair in Bangladesh is 20,500 BDT.

Sony WH-1000XM4

It’s no surprise that the company that produces the best TWS will also be a star performer in overhead headphones. The WH-1000XM4 sports all the features of its smaller brother with 30 hours of continuous usage. It even comes with 5 hours of playback with 10 minutes of charge. The WH-1000XM4 brings the best-in-class audio experience at a very gettable price.

The price of the pair is 22,499 BDT.

Final Words

That concludes the list of the best Bluetooth headphones at different price categories in Bangladesh. The options under 4000 BDT are quite saturated and the users are spoilt for choices. But going above 10,000 BDT, the choices become more obvious. Overall, the WH-1000XM4 wins out in every department if the price isn’t the factor.

Source: United News of Bangladesh