Best washing machines under 25000 taka in Bangladesh with Buying Tips

We are accustomed to completing our household chores through maids. When it comes to washing the clothes, we entirely depend on the maid. Some may prefer laundry services, but those are time-consuming and may damage your clothes. Therefore, washing clothes in the house could be the only solution. But nowadays, finding a regular maid seems rare in some parts of the city. And you may not have enough spare time to wash your clothes after a long day. So, a washing machine will certainly come in handy for these situations. We have listed some of the best washing machines under 25000 takas in Bangladesh with some buying tips.

Washing machine buying guide in Bangladesh

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced user, you should know some important factors before buying a washing machine.

Loading Type

Loading type signifies the way you will load your clothes. Usually, loading options are front loading and top loading. However, both of the loading types offer their own advantages and advantages.

Function type

Typically, washing machines for the home come with two function types, fully automatic and semi-automatic. Depending on your family you may choose the one you need. You should find the details on the brochure or product package.


Determine the capacity based on family size, how many clothes you will wash, or how frequent you will wash. However, practice will vary according to capacity.

Washing machine types

Typically washing machines type manual labor alongside the number of functions. Therefore, it is categorized into two types; Semi-automatic washing machine and Fully automatic washing machine. Semi-automatic machines are normally entry-level washing machines that have two tubs, and one is used for washing while the other one is used for dying. Semi-automatics require more human intervention.

On the other hand, fully automatic machines are usually categorized based on loading type. One is the top load washing machine, and the other one is a front load washing machine. The automatic machine has only one tub, and the single tub can wash and dry the clothes. Hence, it requires less human involvement. The top load washing machine offers less function than the front load washing machines.

Other things to look at before buying

Apart from the above-mentioned criteria, you will need to check other important features, too, such as the material of the tub, spin cycle, wash setting, temperature control, fuzzy logic, and time delay.

6 Best washing machines under 25000 in Bangladesh

Following is the list of the washing machine under 25000 takas. However, we have included under 10000 washing machines and under 20000 washing machines too.

Vision Twin Tub Washing Machine 6.5kg

It is one of the cheapest but robust products from Vision. It can wash your clothes in 15 minutes with 5 min spin time. The spin speed will be 1300 r/minute which is relatively fast on a 220V/50Hz power speed. However, you can wash the clothes in a normal and gentle mood. After it is done with the washes, it will rinse your clothes automatically.

Vision Twin Tub Washing Machine can wash 6.5Kg clothes at a time. Although the price on the official website is 10,700 taka, most of the time, you will buy it from as low as 9,000 takas because of the promotional price.

Walton Washing Machine WWM-STP80 8.0 kg

It is much stronger than other machines within this price range. And it can easily take a heavy load of large-sized clothes. The fashionable flower design on large temper clothes increases the decoration of your home.

The air-dry feature is so effective that the natural wind can pass at high speed, which eventually dries the clothes quickly. However, it is made with plastic but can last for your whole life. It can wash 8kg clothes at a time, but a 6kg load can handle the spin properly. The regular price of WWM-STP80 is 13,500 taka.

Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S Semi-Automatic Washing Machine - 7 KG

Superb Atom 70S Semi-Automatic comes with a wide range of features. Firstly, the smart scrab station gives you the opportunity to scrab your clothes in a standing position, though scrabbing is not necessary. Secondly, the inbuilt memory auto-start helps the machine to remember from where to start in case of any power cut during the washing time.

The large wash tub provides enough space to spin your clothes. As a result, it boosts the dirt removal process. A super-efficient 340w motor enhances the cleaning process and reduces the washing time. The continuous soak and the scrub process will take only 25 minutes to finish the whole process. Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S will cost taka 16,800.

Sharp Top Loading Full Auto Washing Machine (ES-718/7Kg)

It is a fully automatic top-loaded type washing machine that can take a load of 7kg. It comes with fuzzy control and with a 700 RPM spin speed. The washboard texture stainless steel tub provides the perfect washing performance as your clothes don't get damaged. It can also auto start after a blackout or power cut off. Although the regular price is 30,000 taka, the discounted price is 22,390 taka which remains the same all year round.

SINGER Full Automatic 7KG Washing Machine

Singer's full automatic washing machine comes with six preset programs, which include normal, quick soft, heavy, quick wash, delay wash, and more. Furthermore, the child lock feature increases safety. The 600-800 rpm spinning speed enables quick washing. You can set and check everything on the LED display. SINGER Full Automatic 7KG Washing Machine is priced at 22,990 taka, which is quite reasonable with all those features.

Samsung Top Loading Washing Machine WA70M4300HP/IM 7.0 KG

The six blades provide an intense and wide shower that removes the dirt effectively as well as rinses thoroughly. Besides, the stainless steel pulsator ensures a high-performance washing that is scratch-resistant too. It comes with an Eco Tab Clean course that keeps the top load washer fresh without having any harsh chemicals. The 600-800 rpm spin speed can easily take a load of 7kg clothes. This piece of the machine from Samsung is priced at 25,000 taka.

If you are a budget buyer or a bachelor, you may consider a vision twin tub, while the mid-range buyer can check out the under 20,000 washing machines. Moreover, if you don't want to do much research you can buy any of the washing machines we have mentioned here.

Source: United News of Bangladesh