Best Resorts near Dhaka for Day out or Weekend Away

Can you remember the last time when you spent some quality time with your family in a natural environment? Investing long hours at work without taking vacation makes life monotonous. However, it is not feasible always to spend long vacations in the countryside or overseas locations due to various restrictions imposed on us by jobs or school (children's usually) or budget, etc. As a solution to this issue, several standard resorts have evolved around Dhaka. In this article, we are going to introduce you with the best resorts near Dhaka for a day out or spending a weekend with family, kids and friends.

Jol O Jolgoler Kabbo

It is certainly a blessing if you can enjoy traditional cuisines while spending a whole day close to nature. To have this unique experience, you can visit Jol O Jongoler Kabbo resort located at Pubail in Tongi under Gazipur. This resort is also popular as 'Pilot Bari'.

Without altering the local natural environment, the Jol O Jongoler Kabbo resort was built over a huge area of 90 bighas. Here the shelters and rooms are built with natural elements like bamboo and jute sticks. Kids would enjoy running and playing in this vast place under the open sky. You would really love spending hours beside vast pond with a fish-hook in a rural atmosphere. In the moonlit nights, this fantastic resort can give you some unforgettable solitary moments.

Source: United News of Bangladesh