Best Iranian Movies 2021 to Watch during Ramadan Fasting

When you are about to find the best Iranian movies in 2021, you are actually looking for elegant storytelling and exotic cultural heritage. Because each one of Iranian movies carries remarkable originality, and you will always find it despite the year.

Moreover, it would uplift you during Ramadan fasting, as the movie follows with the Muslim ethnicity. Even with the comedy or thriller sequences, they highlight their cultural resources.

In fact, you often find the movies showing their own culture, and architects get into the limelight regardless of their nationality.

Now let’s jump into some of the Irani movies where you can find great screenplay of 2021.

Best Iranian movies 2021

As it is just the 2nd quarter of the year, the newest Irani movies have hardly reached the international movie rating sites. After all, they come across the people who mostly rate the Hollywood movies. By the way, you can find here the evaluation based on the stories.

1/ The Night

Released Date : February 24, 2021 | IMDb : 5.5/10

The Night has achieved the most popularity lately. This psychological thriller movie tells a story centered on a haunted hotel.

A married couple with their baby daughter was going to their relative’s home in Los Angeles. Due to some mechanical problems, their car stopped in the middle of the way. Subsequently, they decided to spend the night at a hotel nearby.

Gradually, they realize that they are not alone in the hotel room. An evil being not only lives here but begins to possess them also. The more they face it, the more their inner secrets start to disclose. Afterward, they happen to learn the true identity of that thing, which poises as a great twist for the audience.

2/ Without Anything

Released Date : February 02, 2021 | IMDb : 8.1/10

A wealthy man gets back to his village where he was born. The inhabitants expect him to save the village from misery. On the contrary, the man had another thought in mind. The villagers did not know that the man has unfinished business with this shattered place.

This is the storyline of Without Anything movie made by Mohsen Gharaie that got awards in 5 categories at the Fajr film festival. The categories are the best jury prize, the best adaptive screenplay, the best edit, the best music, and the best costume design.

3/ Sniper

Released Date : January 31, 2021 | IMDb : 7.5/10

This war movie is about an Iranian sniper named Abdorrasul Zarrin during the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1983. He successfully made 3000 shoots with the Dragunov weapon. Dragunov is a semi-automatic sniper rifle introduced by Russians.

Because of the lethal sniping ability, his commander-general Hossein Kharazi named Abdorrasul Zarrin as Single Battalion. Even the Iraq force also called him by that name. He died by the shrapnel of a mortar.

This biography drama was up for the 39th Fajr film festival of Tehran in January 2021.

Previously same director Ali Ghaffari made a movie on him titled Reclamation in 2012. It definitely can enlist your greatest Iranian movies of 2021.

4/ Golden Blood

Released Date : February 07, 2021 | IMDb : 9.4/10

This movie goes by The Story of Nahid. It tells a story of a female driving instructor who spends days through life struggles. Her husband is a drug addict prisoner. She lives with her disabled child. Eventually, she has to take care of all the living costs. Either having no options or forced by situations, she has to come up with instant decisions. And the inevitable consequences are not as expected.

You will see many ups and downs with the protagonist character. But the movie leaves a strong lesson for you that really worth your time for this movie.

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5/ Zalava

Released Date : February 01, 2021 | IMDb : 7.7/10

In a remote village, people have been living in fear of a maleficent spirit. An atheist police officer comes forward and takes action to expel the demon. Eventually, he gets to involve with the course of exorcism. But this is a big step for him as he does not believes it.

This horror film will give you an experience of adventure. Though this is the debut of Arsalan Amir as a director, he won the award at the best first film in the Fajr film festival. Moreover, this movie won two more prizes in the best supporting actor and the best screenplay.

6/ Mr. Mixer

Released Date : January 01, 2021 | IMDb : 7.6/10

Mr. Mixer is a good presentation of Iranian music. Director Amir Eight portrays the music composition by drawing the biography of Javad Safaee. Javad Safaee is a legend in the Iranian music industry. The movie shows how he succeeded to bring out his mixed album.

It is obvious that anything is hard at the beginning stage. But the way you are going to

overcome that hurdles actually matters. Even when it goes against your community, it will be like crossing the mountain. And that’s the story you are going to see which penetrates it into your best Iranian movie list.

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7/ Ablagh

Released Date : January 31, 2021 | IMDb : 6.7/10

Ablagh basically is a border area of Iraq. The plot of the movie is developed centered on this location. But the main story is about a woman living in the border area. It prioritizes feminism through traditional hardship living.

You will see here how her day-to-day life with her husband and child drastically changes. As the story goes ahead, it points more to determination, instant action, and face the feedback valiantly.

This film got the award in four categories and those are the best audience award, the best- supporting actress, the best visual effects, and the best makeup.

8/ Laleh (Drive)

Released Date : March 23, 2021 | IMDb : 6.1/10

This movie made by Easy Niknejad is based on a true story of a young woman who wants to be a car racer. This is quite interesting and most anticipating in the case of the Irani male domination sports industry.

The woman faces the biggest challenge with her family and society. In post-revolution Iran, crossing the old tradition was not so easy for a woman where overtaking the car is far beyond that.

Despite all the troubles, her confidence and determination get her to the steering wheel. Not only getting into the race, but she also leaves an example for other women to follow.

In a nutshell

The culture and the civilization uplift the screenplay of the movies. Besides the great direction, amazing acting can accomplish the package. All of those exist in the Irani motion picture industry where a drop of individuality makes those the renowned Iranian movies. When you face this art, you will see and ultimately recognize it.

Source: United News of Bangladesh