Best free online games for girls

In this era of the internet, online games are getting popular day by day. Though we think boys love playing online games mostly, girls do not lag behind either. With the wide availability of phones and the internet, online games have become easy to access. And, everyone loves to play the game online regardless of their age. However, we will not discuss games of all ages or gender. Here will go through the best free online games for girls.

Top free online games designed for girls

There are some online games that are created for girls only. Hence, the game's color, setting, plots, ease of access all are girls friendly.

Supermarket Mania

In this game, you will need to manage a grocery shop and sell many products to the customers. The main character of the game is Nikki; your job will be to help her in some specific categories.

And you will act as an advisor to Nikki. The player will have to group through many challenging stages. Once you start playing, you will get hundreds of challenging levels, which you can finish one by one. As the level increases, the difficulties will also be increased.

Pet Rescue Saga

This game is basically for pet lovers. You may not own a real pet, but this online game will get you a feel that you really have a pet in your home.


The Candy Crush game developers create this game. Pet Rescue Saga's idea is to match the similar color boxes, which eventually lead to clear the stage. The good thing about this game is, it is free and has unlimited moves. So you don't need to worry about starting the game from the beginning if you fail a level.

The game has 50 million players worldwide, and most of them are girls. It is engaging and addictive, which is available on any device.

Wedding Day Drama

The name says it all. The game is related to weddings and dramas girls usually do on the wedding day. And if you are someone who likes weddings and other functions, this game is for you. In the game, you will get access to a wide range of makeup options and styling features, which you can utilize to run the game.

The gamer's goal will be to win the groom's heart by makeup and styling. Therefore, the gamer will need to show her creativity to make the bride ready for the wedding ceremony. On top of that, you can explore different dressing stuff and fashions. Eventually, the game will help an individual to get an idea of a wedding in real life.


This game is very simple yet engaging, and it can be played online from any device regardless of the operating system. Further, the game is created by the Microsoft Corporation. Wordament offers an attractive user interface that is easily accessible and simple.

The game needs brainstorming as the player will need to form words quickly to get going. This game will definitely work on improving someone's word power. However, the multiplayer option is there too, so anyone can compete with other players. On top of that, it will help to improve the spellings too. Wordament is the most underrated game with a lot of potential.

Fruit Ninja

Although this game is popular among the youngsters regardless of their age, it can be played with one hand too. Fruit Ninja is built on a simple concept. The player will need to cut the fruits that show on the screen. However, bombs may also appear on the screen sometimes.


The funny thing is that if you cut the bomb, your game will be over. So, a strong observation power is necessary to play the game. Besides, you will also need to know that the more food you cut, the more closure you head to the next round.

Anna Baby Birth

This game is a bit unique. The plot of the game carried out a princess, in which the princess will have a baby, and she needs to go to the hospital. So, the player will need to do some tasks for them to be a mother, such as packing the bag with all the essentials.


Moreover, the player will need to make sure that the pregnant princess Anna gets all the stuff she will need in the hospital. The job is not done yet; the player will also be required to accompany her to the delivery room. Once you play, you will understand why this game is unique.

Battle Royale Girl

It is one of the popular battle games in which you will play as a women shooter. The girl who shoots in the game will need to survive at the end of the game. However, the game is still in the beta version, and the full version is coming soon.


The player will need to face different women characters throughout the game, and more characters will be added soon. The beta version has more than 50,000 downloads, which clearly indicates the popularity of the game.

Candy Girl Summer Time

It focuses on the job of a beautician. So, you will be the best beautician in the area, and the candy doll deliberately seeks your help. On top of that, the player will also be one of the best dress designers in the area; hence you will need to show your skill through design.


But the ultimate goal is to make the Candy doll happy. Besides, the player will get access to fresh beauty products along with the dresses to make the doll perfect.


There are thousands of games available for female gamers online. But the games we have mentioned in this article are the most popular ones. Whether you like a puzzle, shopping, or even glamour and beauty, our guidelines will help you to pick the one according to your choice.

The games are online and save updates on the server every time you play the game. Therefore, the user will not need to worry about saving the game, unlike downloadable computer games. So, it can be said that playing online games has become easier for girls.

Source: United News of Bangladesh