Best Budget Laptops for Students in Bangladesh under 25000 Taka

With recent online class or home office culture, Laptops have become a part of our life. Hence, the demand for laptops is increasing, and the demand will be upward until the pandemic is gone. However, there are different types of laptops at different price ranges. Suppose you are a casual user and need laptops for only regular activities such as attending video calls, watching movies, or word processing. In that case, a budget laptop should do your job perfectly. Here we have listed the best laptops under 25000 Taka in Bangladesh with buying tips.

Things to consider before choosing a laptop

It is always better to know some elements and features before jumping into the buying decision in Bangladesh.

Know your purpose

You should be buying a laptop for some specific tasks. It is not an essential gadget to have as a luxury or show off. Hence, know your purpose. Why do you need a laptop? How will you use it? These kinds of questions will help you to know your purpose.

Size and weight

Your purpose will also help you to decide the price. Your workload and purpose will help you to make sure you are a perfect size. If you want to carry it every day, compact size will be great. Besides, it will be lightweight too.

Screen quality

Since you will be sitting Infront of the laptop for a long time, you may need a laptop that provides a good screen quality and will not hurt your eyes. However, within 25000 Taka, you may not find the best screen quality, but careful use will save your eyes.

Keyboard quality

If you are a writer or a student, it can be assumed that the keyboard is the part you will use most. Hence, you should look for a laptop that offers a comfortable keyboard.


This is the core part of a laptop. However, you don't need to be well versed in technology to understand the CPU details. In the 25,000 Taka range, you will find a Celeron or dual-core laptop. You will need to increase the budget if you want a high-end laptop.


RAM helps to boost your processing speed. So, 8GB or 16 GB RAM can give you a super-fast speed. But, a budget laptop will get you the highest RAM of 4GB. However, some laptops come with expandable RAM; you can check that too.


Another important part of a laptop. Nowadays, most laptops come with a 500 GB or 1 terabyte hard disk. Nevertheless, budget laptops may not get you that kind of storage.

Battery life

Check out the battery life, what kind of battery the laptop uses, and etc. It should be concerning if you use your laptop for field jobs mostly, where you cannot always charge.

Source: United News of Bangladesh