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Best Bangladesh Beach Resorts to Spend Your Vacation

There’s nothing quite like a retreat to the beach. Whether it’s the sandy coastline or the deep blue sea, the calm and incessant waves are sure to be relaxing and unwinding for many. Beaches always had a priority in people’s vacation lists and that paved the way for many hotels and resorts on our coastline. But are all of them good? In this article, we will take a look at the 8 best beach resorts in Bangladesh in 2021 so that you can plan your next retreat with ease.

Top Bangladeshi Beach Resorts to Spend your Vacation with Family

Grand Beach Resort Cox’s Bazar

The first on our list is the Grand Beach Resort Cox’s Bazar. Located less than a mile from the Sugandha Beach point, the Grand Beach Resort is located right between the sea beach and the central Cox’s Bazar. The resort comes with its parking area, so you won't have to worry if you’re traveling on private transportation.

The facilities of this hotel are fairly standard. You get free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a sofa, and access to the balcony. The bathroom is fitted with all the necessary amenities. The price for a one-night stay starts at 3000 BDT and goes all the way up to 4000 BDT.

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Long Beach Hotel Cox’s Bazar

If you’re looking for a 5-star experience on the beachside, the Long Beach Hotel Cox’s Bazar is the destination for you. Founded in 2018, the resort is located just a 14-minute walk from the beach at a very picturesque location. The view from the balcony is something that you will enjoy. The room comes with its minibar and everything from the beds and sofa to the bathroom has a touch of luxury in them.

If you opt for one of their suites, you’ll have access to a separate kitchenette and living room. In addition to that, the resort offers a complimentary buffet, sauna, and gym access. The price for a night’s stay for two starts at 6300 BDT and goes all the way up to 8300 BDT.

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Praasad Paradise Hotel & Resort

The next one on our list is another beachfront resort. The Praasad Paradise Hotel & Resort is a 3-star luxury resort situated at the heart of Cox’s Bazar sea beach. If you are an international traveler or fly by plane, there is a complimentary airport shuttle service available.

The rooms are spacious with all the necessary amenities. You’ll be getting a complimentary oriental buffet breakfast in this resort. There is access to free Wi-Fi, room service as well a lounge area. Check-in starts at 12:00 PM and the last time for check-out is 11:30 AM. The price for a one-night stay starts at 4500 BDT.

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Mermaid Eco Resort

Mermaid Eco Resort isn’t your typical beachside resort. The cottage bungalow-type resort situated at Dhoapalong is a luxury retreat among nature and the sea. The interior of the bungalows is designed in a rustic way. You can book an entire cottage which comes with a river view and garden view options. There is complimentary room service and standard amenities as you would expect from a 3-Star bungalow.

The resort also offers an airport shuttle service. You can also avail of the on-spot parking service available right beside the resort. The continental breakfast is another great addition to their service. The serene environment with outstanding service makes this resort an easy pick for many tourists. The price one-night stay starts at 6000 BDT and goes all the way up to 11000 BDT for studio bungalows.

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Exotica Sampan

Another touristy resort right beside the sea beaches of Marine Drive is the Exotica Sampan. This relatively new establishment has made its name due to quality service and amenities at an affordable price range. Situated in Marine Drive, the resort offers a unique view of the mountain and the sea unlike any you’ll find in the area.

The in-house amenities are right on par with the price with soundproofing, toiletries, TV, and 24-hour room service. All of the rooms have a sea view balcony which is an additional plus point. You get access to in-house restaurants and BBQ facilities. Overall, this can be a cozy and luxurious option for those of you looking for a quiet retreat among the mountain and the sea. The price for a night’s stay for two starts at 6900 BDT and goes up to 10800 BDT for four.

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Ocean Paradise Hotel and Resort

Ocean paradise is another high-end luxury resort at the heart of Cox’s Bazar sea beach. The resort offers an amazing view of the sea from its balcony which is sure to mesmerize you. As a 3-star hotel, the service is exceptional. You get 24-hour room service and access to in-house facilities like indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gym, and oriental restaurants.

The air-conditioned rooms are perfectly crafted to exquisite taste. The staff does an excellent job of preparing the room pristinely. The check-in time starts at around 12 PM and the last time for check-out is 11:30 PM. You can also avail of the private shuttle service offered by the hotel subject to additional charges. Per night stay for two starts at 6500 BDT and can range up to 11000 BDT depending on the suite.

Sayeman Beach Resort

Credited as the first private beach resort of Cox’s Bazar, Sayeman Beach resort was founded in 1964 and later redeveloped in 2015 to its current state. Situated might on the beaches of Marine Drive, Sayeman Beach Resort offers an oceanfront view like no other. This luxury resort is a choice of many thanks to its location and service.

Their infinity pool is quite an attraction for the tourists looking for a luxury serene retreat. You also get access to their Casablanca restaurant and Tararom Spa, both of which add to the essence of quality service. There are special offers all year round and currently, they have a Ramadan and Eid package which starts at 11000 BDT for 2 people. The quality experience and service easily make Sayeman one of the best beach resorts in Bangladesh.

Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort and Spa

When it comes to absolute luxury by sea, the Royal Tulip easily makes it to the list of the best ones. Founded in 2015 by the Sea Pearl Group, the Royal Tulip offers a European-style 5-star luxury stay at the heart of Inani beach. Nestled between the hills and the endless stretch of sea, the Royal Tulip offers all the luxurious amenities you can think of in their 15-acre area.

From water park to tennis courts to 3D movie theatres, the resort has it all. The suites are designed not only to be aesthetic but also to carry a distinct signature that speaks of quality and comfort. There are special packages available year-round with the base one starting at 10900 all-inclusive.

Final Words

These are some of the best beach resorts in Bangladesh and you’ll have a memorable experience regardless of the ones that you choose from this list. The pricing that we mentioned here is subject to change based on demand and availability. And, it is recommended to follow the associated safety rules and regulations while roaming any beach area. So, are you ready for your next beach retreat?

Source: United News of Bangladesh