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Being a noble child a mom’s best gift

DHAKA - The Mother's Day is a celebration for honoring the mothers as well as motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers.

A mother gives birth to a child smilingly despite severe pain and obstacles. She fights with the impediment of the nature and wins to bring her baby to this world. It's a fight between life and death for a mother.

Is a greetings card, flower, chocolate or even an expensive gift enough for rewarding a mother for her love and sacrifice?

A mother can feel every movement of her baby in her womb. She never bothers with common inconvenience during pregnancy such as itchy feet, insomnia, morning sickness, tiredness, nausea, bleeding, changes in facial skin color, shortness of breath, back pain, metallic taste in mouth and so on.

A mother plays the vital role in parenting a child. From the day one of the newborn baby, she keeps herself busy in feeding, pampering and taking care of the child with a great care and love.

Mothers give us confidence, keep us off the streets and food on the table. She is restless. Sickness can't stop a mother from taking care of her children.

Mother is the best teacher of human being. Only mother's love and adore heal the best than any other medicine when we fall sick. She doesn't mind sitting all night beside her child. She works hard in outside and inside the house.

Not only doing the household chores but also maintaining in-laws and other people of the house is her concern. Besides these, she never forgets the timetable of her child's requirements.

There is nothing which can repay the care and love of a mother. But every mother expects that her child would be the best human being in the world.

The Mother's Day is a day for people to show their appreciation towards mothers and mother figures worldwide. Is saying "I love you, Maa" enough for a mother to listen from her son or daughter?

Becoming a good human being can be the best gift for a mother. A mother always teaches her child to be decent, responsible, caring, active and patriotic.

If someone does not love his/her country than definitely he/she is not a very good child for a mother.

Recently, Bangladesh has experienced several unwanted incidents. Those who were involved in those never can be good children for their parents.

We have seen that the families of the militants who have blown themselves or killed during the raid conducted by the law enforcers refused to accept their bodies.

It's a shame for a mother if her son or daughter chooses the wrong path instead of right one. There is nothing but being a good person can make a mother proud and satisfied.

We have hardly seen that any mother is defending her rapist son. No mother wants to see her child to be penalized for any crime. It is believed that being a good citizen can be the very best gift for a mother rather a card, chocolate or flower.

The Mother's Day is an annual event but everyday can be counted as Mother's Day if we prove ourselves as sincere, active, responsible, patriotic, friendly, kind, honest at last but not at least a good human being.

We hope this Mother's Day will offer to rethink the entire meaning and methodology of motherhood. If a person considers his/her country as mother than how can he/she commit any crime in his/her motherland?

Every mother will feel lucky and honored if her son or daughter does any good deed to her, family as well as the society.

In Islam, mothers hold a very high position in religious matters. It is believed that heaven can be found under a mother's feet.

Let's be a noble child and give the best gift ever to our mothers who sacrificed their whole life for the sake of children. Let's replace the card, chocolate and flowers with love, care, responsibility, patriotism, honesty.

Only after that wish a mother saying: "Maa, happy Mother's Day."

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)