Begum Int’l Sufi Festival, 2020 begins Friday

A month-long international Sufi festival, organised by Begum Restaurant and Gallery, will begin on Friday.


The festival has been arranged on virtual platform this year due to Covid-19 pandemic, managing director of the gallery, Simi Shaila Nur told UNB.


This year, the celebration will be dedicated to Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti, Rehmat Ullah Allahe, she added.


The first day event will be inaugurated by artist and singer Kanak Aditya and national award winning actor Arman Parvez.


Begum Restaurant and Gallery’s all time companion drummer Sheikh Munirul Alam Tipu and Sufi Artist Roni Ahmed will also join the event.


The details about the festival will be available on facebook page- Begum Restaurant and Gallery.


Anyone can join and watch the event virtually on every Saturday and Monday from 9pm to 10pm.


Earlier on July 2, Begum Gallery and Publishers jointly with Vinnochokh organized the fifth episode of International Virtual Poetry and Art Carnival 2020.


Eminent poet Prabal Kumar Basu inaugurated the carnival.


Poet Yashodhara Ray Chaudhuri, Ali Afzal Khan, Shaila Simi Nur, Sardar Faruk, Bikash Ananda Setu, Vaskar Chowdhury, Mayeen Chowdhury among others participated the carnival conducted by popular actor and artist Arman Parvej.


Meanwhile, poets from Bangladesh, India, Czech Republic, Morocco, Greece, Ukraine and Bulgaria also attended the carnival.


Source: United News of Bangladesh