BB re-fixes MFS money transaction limit to ease payment during Eid

Bangladesh Bank (BB) has re-fixed the mobile financial service (MFS) transaction ceiling in order to ease payment and transaction during Eid-ul-Fitr.

The central bank has also withdrawn the number of daily transaction times and fixed the daily cash-out limit at Tk 25000 from agent point while the monthly transaction limit is Tk 150000.

The cash-in limit is fixed at Tk30000 while the monthly limit is set at Tk200000, the person to person (p2p) cash transfer limit has been set at Tk25,000 daily and Tk 200000 monthly.

The MFS account can keep a maximum balance of Tk 300000 in each account.

Besides, bank account to mobile financial service daily money transfer limit has been set at Tk 50,000 while monthly limit at Tk 300000.