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Banglar Tiger: The big bull that’s a big buzz in Bangladesh!

It's common for celebrities to have fans. But meet Banglar Tiger, who now has more admirers than a human celebrity.

Well, Banglar Tiger isn't any other ordinary bull -- technically a steer, a neutered male popular for its meat -- one finds strolling down the roads. But it's a pure Australian-Friesian variety cattle that weighs around 1,000 kg.

And for some reason, this giant steer has grabbed the spotlight in a remote Kurigram hamlet ahead of Eid-ul-Azha -- making news all over the country.

The four-year-old steer is owned by Rajikul Islam, a resident of Paschimdebattar village in Kurigram's Rajarhat upazila. The asking price of Banglar Tiger is Tk 4 lakh, but its owner expects a lakh more for the animal.

"I have decided to sell the steer as it is now suitable for sacrifice. In case the lockdown ends, I'll take Bengal Tiger to a marketplace and auction the animal," Rajikul says.

This is despite potential buyers flocking to his house every day.

"Such a giant cattle is usually not seen in the marketplace. So I have come to see him after hearing his story. I was surprised to see that such a giant steer could be raised at home," says Altaf Hossain, one such potential buyer.

Rajikul says the steer comes with a high cost of ownership. "I spend Tk 400 daily on Banglar Tiger. The bull consumes German grass, rice husk and maize, and is fully vaccinated," he adds.

According to Rajarhat Upazila Livestock Officer Dr Jobaidul Kabir, Rajikul gets expert advice from the livestock department. "The good thing is that he has managed to raise the bull successfully," he says.

Source: United News of Bangladesh