Bangladesh Refugee Crisis Response Fact Sheet | October 2019


World Vision strengthens child protection systems within families and communities, while preventing and responding to abuse. We provide psycho-social support for girls and boys of all ages in safe spaces. We assist families by offering training on positive parenting skills. Working closely with partner agencies, we refer children in need to case management services. Children, parents, faith leaders and government officials are engaged in ending violence against children, including child marriage, through camp-level awareness campaigns.

Rohingya refugee children and adolescents have been out of school for more than two years. They need and deserve access to high-quality, inclusive education. We provide informal education for 3,156 children age 3-14 who are enrolled in our 12 learning centres. Up to 8,400 adolescents age 15-18 will benefit from pre-vocational training, including classes in literacy, numeracy and life skills, at our new 21 multi-purpose centres.


World Vision is working to prevent and address GBV in three camps. At our Women's Peace Centres, women and girls build trusted relationships, enhancing their social network and creating a sustainable psycho-social support network. We train families, including men and boys, to identify and prevent GBV, and to access professional case management services when needed.

Skills training classes at the centre, such as tailoring, empower women and girls economically and socially.

Source: World Vision