Bangladesh eyes Guinea Bissau as new export destination

Bangladesh has requested Guinea Bissau, a county in West Africa, to consider accrediting a non-resident Ambassador to Bangladesh at least for maintaining a regular contact in both ways to help boost relations between the two countries exploring trade potential.

Terming the trade between two countries as not up to its potentials, Bangladesh suggested that Guinea Bissau can import quality goods at affordable price from Bangladesh, such as, RMG, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, electronics, ICT products, bicycles, motor cycles and even ships.

Bangladesh Ambassador to Portugal Tarik Ahsan presented his credentials to the President of Guinea Bissau Umaro Mokhtar Sissoco Embaló in the capital city Bissau on Tuesday as the non-resident Ambassador to that country with residence in Lisbon and raised the issues.

The President expressed his willingness to concurrently accredit a non-resident Ambassador of Guinea Bissau to Bangladesh.

He expressed keen interest in expanding cooperation with Bangladesh, particularly in the proposed areas of trade and capacity building, and suggested that the two Foreign Ministries remain in contact for promoting the cooperation.

Citing Bangladesh’s success in grass roots level development, the Ambassador viewed that, in a spirit of South-South cooperation, Bangladesh and Guinea Bissau can cooperate and exchange best practices, particularly in rural development and agriculture.

He attached importance to working together at multilateral fora on the common issue of climate change.

Ambassador Ahsan requested for continued support of Guinea Bissau, at UN and OIC platforms, in the efforts for ensuring repatriation of the forcibly displaced Rohingyas from Bangladesh to Myanmar.

The Ambassador was escorted in a motorcade from his hotel accommodation in Bissau to the Palace of the Republic.

On his arrival at the Palace, the Ambassador received a gun salute from the Presidential Guards, while national flags of both the countries were flying.

Ambassador Ahsan then ceremonially presented his letter of credence to the President of Guinea Bissau.

In an audience with President Embaló, the Ambassador conveyed the greetings of Bangladesh President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to him.

The Ambassador stated that he was privileged to be the first Bangladesh Ambassador to present credentials to the Head of State of Guinea Bissau.

He mentioned with pride that Bangladesh and Guinea Bissau have similar historical backgrounds of achieving independence through glorious wars of liberation and that flags of both countries were raised at the United Nations Secretariat in New York on the same day on 18 September 1974.

While there had not been much bilateral contact between the two countries in the past, the Ambassador expressed the hope that, with this formal acceptance of an Envoy, relation would now be progressively enhanced to a higher level.

President warmly welcomed the Ambassador to Guinea Bissau and congratulated him on being the first Bangladesh Ambassador to present credentials in his country.

The President extended warm greetings to Bangladesh President Abdul Hamid, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the people of Bangladesh.

The President expressed his belief that bonds of friendship between Bangladesh and Guinea Bissau would be further strengthened in the days to come.

He assured the Ambassador of all cooperation and support during his tenure as Ambassador to Guinea Bissau.

Source: United News of Bangladesh