Bangladesh E-passport Error Correction Process

Every year hundreds and thousands of Bangladeshis travel abroad for various purposes. The Government has made the e-passport application process online to make the process swift and efficient.

Though the e-passport's online application process is easy, many people make unintentional errors. What if, you discover wrong information in your e-passport application after pressing the submit button? Don't worry! We shall discuss the e-passport online application's information correction process before or after the submission.

However, even after putting all information correctly in the online application form, there might be accidental errors in your e-passport information. In some cases, you may require to change some information provided in your e-passport. Let’s find out the Bangladesh e-passport error correction process.

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Bangladesh e-Passport's Information Correction Process

Previously the entire process of information correction on the passport was manual. In case of any mistake, an applicant was required to visit their designated regional passport office and request correction.

But after the introduction of the hybrid passport application system, the entire manual process has been abolished. To streamline the process, the information correction process has been brought under the same general application process for a new/renewal of a passport.

In case you haven’t, check out our comprehensive guide on MRP/handwritten renewal to e-passport. It will help you understand everything you need to get started with the online application part.

But just like the renewal application, the information correction process will also need a visit to the regional passport office. But unlike a multi-day affair before, it will only take a scheduled appointment in Dhaka or a working day outside of Dhaka.

The documents required were the same as before. You will find the details of the document in our passport renewal article. But recently, the government has made some changes to the regulation and added two more forms in the process.

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Online Application Process for e-Passport Information Correction

If you have received your passport and noticed the wrong information, you must opt for an online application, as mentioned above. There are some other scenarios that we will discuss later.

Check out our comprehensive guide, where we outline the entire application process. You will need to repeat all the steps except the part that says “Reason for Application.” Here you will need to choose information correction and continue the process.

After that, you must confirm the payment and download the application form and summary.

Now usually, you’d have to schedule an appointment for biometric confirmation. In the case of information correction, you will need the following documents as well.

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Required Documents for Information Correction Application

You will need the following documents in addition to the two new forms initiated by the passport authority. The documents include.


-Application form/Summary

-Payment slip

-Previous passport copy

-Educational certificates

-GO/NOC for a government official

-For marriage status change – Copy of marriage certificate

-For a complete name change – An affidavit

-For address change – a copy of the utility bill

Note that you will not need all of these mentioned above. Just take the ones that are related to the correct information.

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e-Passport Information Correction: What’s Changed?

Recently the government has made a couple of changes to the information correction process of the passport. In addition to the online application, users will need to download two forms and fill them up by hand.

They are Application Form for Information Change on Passport and a Commitment Form (????????????). According to the new regulation, in addition to the online application, you will also need to submit these two forms by downloading and filling them up. So what are these exactly?

Form For Information Change

Now you might be thinking why do you need to fill out another information change form if you are already applying online? This step has been added to double-check the information with the new application information.

In this form, you will need to input the wrong information in your passport and the changeable/correct information side by side. This allows for easy cross-referencing of the information.

Commitment Form

The commitment form is similar to an oath where you certify that you in your sane mind and knowledge, are requesting a change of information that is in line with your correct personal information.

The commitment form was introduced to defer fraudulent claims on information change and identity theft.

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Do I have to pay the entire passport fee again?

The passport correction process essentially requires a new passport to be issued for you. It’s not like the existing passport will be taken and corrected. As a result, you will need to pay the full amount for your passport information correction as it will essentially be a reissue.

However, there might be scenarios where you have submitted an application for a new passport and paid the fee. What if you notice a correction right after submission? Let’s find out.

e-Passport Online Application Form's Error Correction Process

To apply for a Bangladesh e-passport online navigate to this site. Here you will get the e-passport online application form. Fill up the form carefully with the correct information.

How to Correct Errors of e-Passport Online Application Form Before Submission

The application is divided into several steps and each step is individually saved. So if you notice any information correction before the final submission, you can simply press on the edit option and make the correction where necessary. You will be able to make corrections as many times as you want before the final submission.

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How to Correct Information of e-Passport Application After Submission of the Form

If you notice any information correction after the submission of the application, things will become a bit tricky. First, you will need to download the application form or summary. After that, you will need to go to the regional passport office with the summary and additional official documents that verify the correct information.

The enrolment officer at the passport office will consider your case and cross-check with the official documents. They will be able to correct the information on the server without any extra charge.

How to Delete the Information Correction Application before and After Submission

You will not have to delete any application that hasn’t been submitted for processing. In the case of unsubmitted applications, it gets automatically deleted after 200 days.

But if you have submitted and paid the fee, then you will need to contact the PRO section of the regional passport office to fix the problem.

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