Bangladesh bidi workers demand wage hike

Bidi workers in Bangladesh have demanded an immediate hike in wages and a six-day work week.

Urging the government to fulfill their demands, members of the Bangladesh Bidi Sramik Federation organised a rally near National Press Club on Wednesday.

President of Bangladesh Bidi Sramik Federation MK Bangali, vice-presidents Nazim Uddin and Lokman Hakim, general secretary Abdur Rahman, organising secretary Abdul Gafur, joint secretary Harik Hossain and publicity secretary Shamim Islam addressed the gathering.

The Federation also urged the government to bring in a legislation for the protection of workers in the bidi industry. The members demanded a reduction in the existing tariff on bidis in the 2022-2023 budget as well as withdrawal of 10% advance tax to save the industry for the survival of its workers.

“The bidi workers are still fighting for their rights and better wages,” said Bidi Sramik Federation leaders. “The bidi workers’ protection act is the need of the hour.”

The multinational cigarette companies are burning the lungs of the people of this country and some government officials are helping them to create a monopoly, according to the Federation.

Source: United News of Bangladesh