Bangla Car: The First Car Made in Bangladesh

The first car made in Bangladesh named Bangla Car is going to be on the road. The name of the manufacturer is Bangla Cars Ltd which actually a sister concern of Hossain Group. Their factory is at panchabati of Narayanganj. The car is going to be available in the market from June after Eid with the Made-in-Bangladesh tag. This 7-seater car with all kinds of modern facilities will cost only 3 million Taka. So far they have made 36 cars where the number of cars sold is 14.

Feature of Bangla Car

Let’s find out more about this car of the domestic brand.

? Artificial intelligent Virtual Assistant feature with 100+ voice commands and 28 distinct ones to mark where you go with it

? 1.5 Litre Turbo Engine and Triptonic mode power pack for shifting between automatic and manual transmission

? Bold sporty look with a swift connectivity

? Modern LED parking lights, fog lamps, and headlights including infinite starlight grille DVR camera to record your commute for safety

? Furnished with the finest leather and prime grade materials

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? 9-inch infotainment display for a large and enhanced interface for all entertainment powered by a Multimedia console controller

? Bluetooth connectivity- USB and auxiliary under the center armrest for easier connectivity

? Automatic AC with climate control

? 7-seater with better legroom

? Four airbags placed in steering wheel placed in the dashboard and lower mount for knee protection

? Multi speaker rich audio system for the delightful sound experience

? The new generation 6-speed CVT gearbox for improving the power output and efficiency

? Tire pressure monitoring system for keeping an eye on tire pressure when on the go with smart tire sensors parked trouble-free with electronic parking sensors in a dynamic 360 degrees parking camera

? Traction control system for giving it the power to take sharp turns with stability in the complex road.

? Digital and analog speedometers cruise control

? Built-in navigation system

? The automatic power trunk opening with buttons both in and outside the car for convenient access to the trunk

? 18-inch alloy rims with red calipers empowering you to reach new heights with a strong grip by pressing a button or commanding your virtual assistant

? 2-layer panoramic sunroof for enjoying the weather from both the front and back seat

? The Warranty and guarantee of five years back to back

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Bangla Car and Car industry in Bangladesh

Usually, Maa Enterprise directly imports the DFSK’s Glory i-Auto in Bangladesh. Bangla Cars Ltd is in fact an authorized assembler of DFSK. In fact, the deal between Bangla Cars and DFSK was one and a half years old. The activities didn’t go any further because of the impact of coronavirus.

Still, Bangla Cars Ltd has been making cars with the parts assembled from worldwide reputed companies such as China, India, Japan, and Indonesia. With ISUZU of Japan for the engine, the body parts from China, and the chassis parts from Indonesia, they have been building the cars.

The Haval cars directly originate from China, Toyota originates from Japan whereas Bangla Car is completely Made in Bangladesh. PHP is manufacturing Photon’s car, Progoti is manufacturing Mitsubishi’s car where Bangla Cars Ltd is making the Bangladeshi car.

Unlike Photon or Mitsubishi, they are capable of building the cars of all models.

However, although the selling activities are up, the official journey has not started yet.

They had a schedule for an opening ceremony in the last 26 March. But due to ongoing pandemic situations, they postponed it after Eid. From this June, Bangla Car will start its journey with pickups.

They already have a showroom in 181-182 Tejgaon. They showcase the cars there in 8 different colors. They are Red wine, Electric Blue, Mid-Night Blue, Brown, White, Silver, Red, and Black. Apart from this, they are also ready to feature the on-demand color for the clients’ needs. The new model car of 2021 has already been taken to the showroom.

Most necessarily, such an SUV (sporty utility vehicle) costs more than 10 million Taka where you can get it at only 3 million Taka.

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Future of Bangla Cars

Bangla Cars Ltd will be making its cars with their own designs after Eid. There will be building 12 types of cars from the factory of Narayangonj. Notable among them are private cars, buses, trucks, lorries, pickups, etc.

For the first phase, showrooms will be opened in each of 8 divisions of the country. Moreover, the carmaker company is going to launch 30 more showrooms over the country.

In every making, all of the manufacturing processes will focus on domestic brand and design. Subsequently, Bangla Cars Ltd plans to deliver the cars from 1500 to 2500 cc to meet the clients’ demand. If everything goes as plan, they are about to export the car in the middle of the next year. Even like Toyota, they hope to export besides fulfilling the domestic demands. Now the cars are on trial production. After June-July, they expect to manage more cars commercially. Then they will be able to show the cars made in Bangladesh to the world.

Moreover, they are going to launch the electric car next year. Consequently, Bangladesh will get a place in the thriving worldwide automobile industry.

The users will get all types of car facilities from Bangladesh. The carmaker company already plans to marketize 4-5 thousand cars every year. And, that will certainly cover all types of vehicles including electric vehicles. As a result, there will be a remarkable contribution to the Bangladesh economy.

Final Words

Like the garment industry, Bangla Car made in Bangladesh is going to be a big achievement. With an affordable rate, the Bangladeshi people will be able to enjoy superb facilities. Besides, there will be a lot of foreign currency earnings through export. However, it will be a technological advancement in the automobile industry as the car contains all the hi-tech specs.

Source: United News of Bangladesh