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Awareness on pregnancy can reduce maternal mortality rate further

Runa AKter, 20, is going to become mother for the second time. She is pregnant for six months. Her blood pressure is now high and she has gained weight. She looks feeble and cannot move normally.

Runa, wife of Liton Mina, hailed from Farakkahbad area under Sadar upazila of Chandur district.

"My wife has been suffering from pregnancy related complications since being conceived the second time. She also experienced the same problems during his first pregnancy and delivery periods. Thanks to Almighty Allah, she is survived without any trouble following immediate medical attention," said Liton.

It's not mere a problem for Runa rather it is very common for all pregnant women. Therefore, it is very urgent to know about pregnancy related complications to save both the mother and forthcoming baby's life.

Bleeding heavily during pregnancy and delivery periods or after delivery, affect with fever for three days during pregnancy, affect by edema (swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in body) during pregnancy and delivery or post delivery periods, affect by spasm during pregnancy or childbirth periods, to have some nausea or headache during pregnancy, to have pain during labour and delivery over 12 hours and coming out of any organ of baby other than its head during delivery are alarming to a pregnant mother.

Dr. Hasrat Jahan, Associate Professor of Gynecology Department at the Matuail Institute of Child and Mother Health in Kadamdali area of the capital city said, pregnancy period of a woman is utterly different than any other time in her lifespan. At that time they have to bear two bodies in one and the delivering process is also somewhat difficult.

"At present in our country maternal mortality and newborn death rate is substantially less than that of the past but the current figure still remains concerned to all. A pregnant mother needs extra care. Nutrition of both bother and forthcoming baby has to be ensured. In case of any pregnancy related complications, the child bearing mother immediately has to be rushed to a nearby hospital or a local health complex," she said.

"Besides, vaccinations to a pregnant mothers, measuring their weight, imparting them health related teachings, examining their blood level and blood pressure, diagnosing other health problems and doing regular health checkups to keep update their health status are urgent to avoid any untoward situation at that time," she observed.

It's great news that over the last 25 years, maternal mortality in Bangladesh has reduced 69 percent. It got special emphasis in world report on "Trends in maternal mortality: 1990-2010" jointly prepared by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFP), the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations Population Division and the World Bank (WB).

A lot of care has to be taken when one is pregnant, especially in terms of diet and nutrition. Along with the regular dose of vitamin and health supplements, one should try to have a nutritious, wholesome and balanced diet.

Moreover, before pregnancy, an adolescent woman must know about her health condition, pregnancy related matters and childcare method as a sound mother can give birth to a sound baby. A pregnant mother needs extra care and it can reduce further maternal mortality rate in Bangladesh.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)