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Another whale carcass washes ashore on Cox’s Bazar beach

Another dead whale washed ashore on Himchori beach in Cox's Bazar early Saturday morning.

Locals spotted the rotten whale carcass exactly where the first dead giant whale was spotted on Friday.

Later, officials of the District Administration, Forest Department, Department of Environment and Fisheries Department rushed to the spot and conducted preliminary investigation into the dead whale.

Ashraful Haque, Senior Scientific Officer of Fisheries Research Institute said that this whale is approximately of the same size to the dead whale found earlier on Friday.

The weight of this whale is approximately two and a half tons.

Earlier the carcass of a humpback whale washed ashore on the Himchhari beach adjacent to Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf marine drive on Friday morning.

“I suspect these whales died weeks ago,” stated marine life expert Zahirul Islam

Shafiqur Rahman, the Chief Scientific Officer of Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute Cox's Bazar said that, “Humpback whales are very sentimental. They might have committed suicide after being expelled from the group.”

But the phenomenon of turning up at the same place also fuelled a theory that they may have died from encountering some form of ocean pollution.

"The whales probably died outside the waters of Bangladesh and later washed ashore to Himchhari of Cox's Bazar after floating through the Bay of Bengal,” Rahman said.

Cox's Bazar Forest and Environment Conservation Council President Deepak Sharma Dipu suspected that major natural disasters in the sea, explosives dropped off by ship or water pollution might be the cause of their deaths.

The smell of these two rotten whales is spreading. If it is not put in the ground in a quick time, the environment will be harmed, he added.

Cox's Bazar District Fisheries Officer SM Khalequzzaman said that samples have been collected from the whale carcasses.

Source: United News of Bangladesh