Air Cooler price in Bangladesh with Buying Tips

Our life has been disrupted due to the scorching heat of summer. And the sun has been shining since the beginning of this Baishakh, which makes it tough to survive in his unbearable temperature indoors and outdoors. Hence, an air cooler can be your savior. Air coolers are normally known as evaporative coolers, which take the hot air from the nearby area and release the cool air and eventually cool down the room temperature. It needs water to cool down the temperature. However, you can also use an ice cube for a better effect. Unlike an air conditioner, an air cooler is relatively cheaper and consumes 70%-80% less power than AC. Let's checkout air cooler buyer's guide, top models, and price ranges in Bangladesh

Things you should know before buying an air cooler

We tend to buy electric items without knowing the exact features and necessities. Most of the time, we focus on the price and end up buying the worst product to save some money. So, we have listed a few things that you should know before buying an air cooler so that you can choose the best air cooler to fulfill your necessities.

Technical parameter

Buying an air cooler without knowing the technical parameter can be useless. So, you should keep in mind some parameters. Check out the cooling capacity, and do not buy the cooler that has a cooling capacity of below 200 Square Feet. Try to avoid a cool & hot charging system air cooler. Besides, make sure the cooler has airflow of at least 30 feet, and the water tank’s capacity is at least 15 Liters.

Types of air cooler

Usually, a residential air cooler comes in three types, personal, room, and desert air cooler. From Bangladesh’s temperature perspective, you can choose a room air cooler or desert air cooler. A personal air cooler is not good enough to cool down your room.

Normally a room air cooler can intake 2 liters of water per hour and contains a minimum of 40 liters of water tank capacity. Besides, it should have a wood wool cooling pad on three sides. So, make sure you observe these things while choosing an air cooler.

Quality of cooling pads

A good quality cooling pad can keep your room cold for a long time. Apart from the wool wood or aspen cooling pad, you can choose an air cooler with honeycomb cooling pads too. Honeycomb cooling pads are considered as the most effective than other cooling pads.

Dust filter

Check out the dust filer quality as it is necessary to filter the dust and debris from the air. Some air coolers feature carbon dust filters to remove air contaminants and impurities.


Nowadays, coolers come with a remote controller, which eases the speed setting and other features. Some IoT-enabled air coolers can work via Wi-Fi and can be controlled through voice and assistance.


Air coolers come in different sizes and shapes with attractive designs. However, the newest coolers tend to be slim and smart. However, the bulky coolers are also available, but it is suggested to avoid the bulky ones as those are difficult to carry in some cases.

Best Air Cooler Prices in Bangladesh

Following are the best air coolers available in the Bangladeshi market. We have included air coolers that range from budget-friendly to high-end.

Walton air cooler WEA-B168M - Evaporative Air Cooler

Walton air cooler WEA-B168M is the cheapest air cooler on our list, which costs only Tk. 6,000. It can cover 120-160 square feet area through the 500 m3/h airflows and 7 m/s airspeeds. In terms of weight, it is very light too. WEA-B168M weighs around 5.3 kg. However, This particular cooler from Walton makes less than 60dB sound, which is relatively quieter than other coolers.

VOLTAS Fresh Air Cooler 15 Ltr

This VOLTAS air cooler comes with a compact design that weighs only 9 Kg. The inverter technology can reduce the electricity bill significantly. It is perfect for a room-sized up to 11 square meters. The three-speed control low, medium, and high can get you the opportunity to select the model according to your needs. Further, the swing control and cool eco mode can cool down the room in any direction you want. VOLTAS Fresh Air Cooler is priced at approximately Tk. 8,000 to Tk. 8,200.

Vision Evaporative Air Cooler-35L

This 35-liter air cooler has a maximum airflow capacity of 4500 m3/hour. Besides, the extra-large honeycomb cooling pads can give quick cooling features and keep your room cool for a long time. It can cover a 25-40 m2 area. The Evaporation Capacity of 2000 ±5%mL/h with a noise level of =60 can get you an excellent user experience. The price for Vision Evaporative Air Cooler-35L ranges from Tk. 10,000 to Tk. 11,500.

Canca Air Cooler AB-A10

It is a relatively small capacity. The tank capacity is 10L with the 12m/s wind speed, which ensures the large flow of the air. Besides, the eco-friendly and energy-saving mode reduces the electricity bill significantly. The 1300CBM/H airflow capacity makes the room freshener. This version of the Canca air cooler will cost you Tk. 12,000.

Gree Portable Air Cooler (KSWK-2001DGL)

Gree KSWK-2001DGL is a cooling and humidifying type evaporative which has an evaporation capacity of mL/h 2000 -5%. However, it has the swing capability of left & right and up & down direction, which enables the quick cooling down. The net weight of this Gree air cooler is 13.3 kg. It costs approximately Tk. 15,000.

ORIENT Ultimo 50 CD5003H Air Cooler

Ultimo comes with dense nest honeycomb pads with the capacity of 25% more cooling alongside 45 percent more water retention. Further, the aero fan technology is added with this cooler which eventually throws the air to the long distance. With the 3650m3/hr air delivery capacity, the air is thrown to 60 feet. Besides, the three-speed motor comes with the horizontal and manual movements capacity. ORIENT Ultimo will cost Tk. 15,000.

Disnie DITC50 Evaporative Tower Air Cooler – White

It features a honeycomb cooling media for the optimum cooling effect with the high airspeed. Besides, the low noise with three-speed control enables the motorized louver air flow in any direction. Besides, the detachable water tank with a level indicator ensures pump protection. This tower-type cooler is sized at 3.5 feet and has an air delivery capacity of 1250 m3/h. Disnie DITC50 priced at approximately Tk. 16,000 to Tk. 18,000.

Portable Walton Air Cooler (WAP-OL06)

It is a high-end cooler from Walton that comes with some outstanding features such as three in one Air purifier, Ionizer, and UV lamp. Besides, the 7-stage air purification capability ensures the maximum quality of air. Another good thing about WAP-OL06 is the low noise (30dB~55dB). The clean air delivery rate is 320 m3/h which can cover 22-38 m². With all these features, it costs around Tk. 20,000.

Bottom Line

With the sudden surge of the temperature, this is high time to buy an air cooler for your room. n this article we have discussed some of the best air coolers in Bangladesh under different price ranges. And, you can choose any of the coolers following our Air Cooler buyer's guide.

Source: United News of Bangladesh