Air Conditioner Brands, Buyer Guide, Models, with Price in Bangladesh

In a developing country like Bangladesh, Air Conditioner can be luxurious. But the demand for Air Conditioner is upward due to the recent temperature surge. According to research, Bangladesh had a demand of 202 thousand Air Conditioners in 2018. However, it should have increased in the past 3 years. That being said, buying an Air Conditioner can be a hassle sometimes, as you don’t know which one to buy, what features you should look at or even the size you need for your room. To reduce your hassle, we have listed 5 Air conditioners for all types of Bangladeshi households, along with the buyer guide and price.

7 Things Everyone Should Check before Buying an Air Conditioner in Bangladesh

If you have zero experience in using AC, you may not know the factors to look at while buying an Air Conditioner. That’s why we have picked some important factors that are essential to know before buying an AC.


Usually, the capacity of AC is measured in the ton. It actually defines power too. The bigger the room, the more tons of AC will be needed. However, 1 ton AC is perfect for a room smaller than 140 sq. ft. while a 140-180 sq. ft. room will need a 1.5-ton AC. A larger room than 180 sq. ft. will require a 2-ton AC. However, if you have a bigger room or space and you are not sure about the tonnage you need, you can measure the tonnage via an online AC tonnage calculator.

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Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, a lot of energy-efficient ACs are available. However, non-energy efficient ACs are there too, though you will not find this word in the label/ box. But you should always go for the energy-efficient one that can give you the best cooling while consuming minimum power. However, the user manual or the box or label will indicate energy efficiency. Besides, you can calculate it manually too. You will find the energy consumption rate in the box or user guide, which you can use to calculate the consumption.

Window or Split AC

Currently, you may hardly find any window AC in the market. However, window AC is way cheaper than split but split AC provides excellent air circulation. Nevertheless, you can choose any type according to your requirement.

Air Quality

A good air filter and dehumidification are needed to get a better air quality from your Air Conditioner. You can ask the salesman or search online for the specific AC type you are looking at.

Cooling Speed

Cooling speed depends on the thermostat, fans, and variations in the speed. Changing the cooling power will change the energy consumption too.

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Nowadays, ACs come with heating features too. So, you may check this feature before buying it. If you live in the Northern part of Bangladesh, you consider choosing the multipurpose AC.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Always try to buy an easy-to-main AC, as sometimes maintenance costs may rip your pocket. Besides, easy to clean AC is also recommended.

Air Conditioner Price Bangladesh

5 Air Conditioner for all type of Bangladeshi Households

Through our extensive research and recommendation from the users, we have sorted out the 5 best Air Conditioners in Bangladesh. Without further ado, let see the details.

Sharp AH-XP13SHVE Inverter AC - 1.0 Ton – White

It comes with a powerful jet mode that delivers quick cool air to reduce the room temperature. The lock on the sensor can detect the remote’s location and automatically start sending refreshing cool air in that direction, which eventually spreads to all directions.

However, the inverter-controlled operation reduces the power consumption while blasting the quick cooling feature. It offers the 0.5-degree interval temperature changing feature. Besides, the PCI system helps to prevent any air-borne diseases, germs, viruses, molds, odors, fungus, etc.


- The powerful jet mode can reduce the room temperature by 5 degrees in 5 minutes.

- Superjet mode increases the downward airflow and boosts the fast cooling.

- Long airflow helps the cool air to travel up to 14 meters.

- Baby mode stops blowing the air in the occupants’ directions while keeping the entire room evenly cool.

- The best sleep mode automatically adjusts the room temperature according to the human biorhythm.

- The self-cleaning feature minimizes the mold growth in the AC.

- It restarts automatically if any power failure occurs.

- You can clean the AC by yourself if needed.


Sharp AH-XP13SHVE cost BDT 62,000. However, it may vary from dealer to dealer and location.

General 1.5 Ton AC ASG-18ABC-W

General 1.5 Ton AC ASG-18ABC-W is one of the powerful AC from General. However, General is well known for its durability and capability. This particular Air Conditioner offers wider and large airflow through the horizontal. Additionally, the optimum design will definitely give your room an aesthetic look. It is designed in a way that you can place it on a wall near to the ceiling. The installed DC moto offers high efficiency with low noise.


- It comes with the energy-saving operation that can reduce your electricity bill significantly.

- Reciprocating type compressor.

- Offers several power functions such as auto restart, on/ off timer, sleep mode, and turbo function.

- Provide a powerful airflow that can reach through the whole room.

- Antibacterial filter, which is washable too.

- Super wave, super quiet, and super power mode according to your need.

- It comes with a highly efficient condenser and heat exchanger, which ultimately provide protection against corrosion and dust.

- Auto swing features towards the up and down while also featured the auto shut flaps.

- Wireless remote.

- Offers Dehumidification System.


The regular price is BTD 84,000 to BDT 96,000, depending on the vendors and offers.

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MIDEA 1.5-ton Split type ac NON-INVERTER low energy

The easy operation system makes it efficient for all types of users regardless of experience. Besides, it is a low-budget AC that anyone can afford. However, the ergonomic designed remote controller is considered revolutionary. The condenser cooling fan with the compressor can boost the cooling time. The diamond-cut outdoor unit comes with a T-shaped cover that makes it durable.

Source: United News of Bangladesh