ACC investigation into Grameen Telecom underway

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on Monday sent a letter to Grameen Telecom after starting an investigation into the alleged misappropriation of money.

The ACC sent a letter on Sunday (July 31) asking for the information of four members of the board of directors of Grameen Telecom including Muhammad Yunus.

Earlier, ACC Secretary Mahabub Hossain informed that the ACC has started an inquiry against the board of directors of Grameen Telecom.

An inquiry committee has been formed to investigate the allegation, he added.

According to sources of ACC, ACC Director Syed Iqbal Hossain has been appointed as the supervising officer in the investigation committee while deputy director Gulshan Anwar Pradhan has been made the team head and the other members are assistant director Jasmine Akhtar and Noore Alam Siddiqui.

Alongside, the four members of the board of directors have been asked to know various information.

The ACC is investigating the charges against them, including misappropriation of 5 percent of the dividend reserved for distribution among workers, illegal deduction of 6 percent as advocate fees and other fees while paying workers’ dues, interest allocated to workers’ welfare fund, embezzlement of Tk 45 crore 52 lakh 13 thousand without distribution and embezzlement by transfer of Tk 2977 crore from the company to the bank accounts of various subsidiaries for the purpose of money laundering.

Source: United News of Bangladesh