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ACC forms Satata Sangha at 21,000 educational institutions

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has formed Satata Sangha (integrity units) at 21,000 secondary schools and madrasas across the country aimed at keeping away the future generation from corruption.

"ACC has already formed Satata Sanghas at about 21,000 institutions with a view to creating awareness and hatred against corruption among the new generation to build a corruption-free nation," deputy director (public relations) Pranab Kumar Bhttacharya told BSS.

The ACC has a plan to form Satata Sanghas at the educational institutions across the country in phases in line with its motto "Honesty is the best policy".

The units will work as a strong force in raising tougher movement against corruption when all the educational institutions will be brought under the Satata Sanghas, officials familiar with the process said.

In order to institutionalise the youth's voice against corruption, the

Commission formed the units at the secondary schools and madrasas with the students of class VI-X. There is an executive committee for each 'integrity unit' which composes of 11 members.

All students of the respective educational institutes are granted general membership of the unit. A 3-5 member advisory council is formed consisting of the teachers of those institutions to guide the units' activities.

These units work as associated bodies of Corruption Prevention Committees to create awareness against corruption and promote integrity among the young generation.

With the assistance of Corruption Prevention Committees, Integrity Units organise seminars, discussions, drama, debate and essay competition in different districts and towns, which are participated by school and college going pupils.

The ACC distributed thousands of rollers inscribed with "Honesty is the best policy" and "We shall not involve in corruption, tolerate it or accept it" among the members of Integrity Units.

The commission has recently formed three Satata Stores at three schools in Narsingdi, Madaripur and Sylhet from where students can purchase any educational equipment and foods with money mentioned in the price tack as the store have no salesmen. The initiative has been taken to pursue honesty among the students.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)